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Bid Letting- Ways to Bid
Three ways to bid on highway construction and maintenance projects let by Mn/DOT.
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NOTICE TO ALL BIDDERS : All bids over $150,000.00 must use two-way electronic bidding.

Two-way Electronic Bidding (1)
Two-way electronic bidding does not require hard copy bids to be submitted. It is preferred by more than two-thirds of contractors. 

Mn/DOT has used a third-party Web site Bid Express ( for two-way electronic bidding since 2001. 

Mn/DOT, in conjunction with Bidx, uses the Expedite 5.9a program (spreadsheet application) in the two-way electronic bidding process.

Access Bidx to register and create an account.  Bidx charges a monthly fee to use their secure Web site.  By registering with Bidx, you will learn how to submit your bid and bid bond. 

Electronic Bid Bonds
Contact your bonding agent to obtain an electronic bid bond and bid bond code.  Submit bid bond codes with your electronic bid.  Hard copy bid bonds are also acceptable.


  • Checks and balances within the software program ensure less chance of errors
  • Bidder enters only the unit prices; quantities and item descriptions are provided by Mn/DOT
  • System completes calculations based on data entered by the contractor and automatically checks for errors or omissions
  • Faster determination of the low bidder and faster posting of bid results

Cost Savings
  • Eliminates travel time or costs to deliver bids by deadline
  • Taxpayer savings due to the elimination of keypunching all hard copy bids received
  • Bidders can make last minute changes to their bids
  • Increased availability of bidding materials and the convenience of bid submittal can save taxpayers money by increased competition


  • Two-way electronic bidding cannot be used for state-aid projects (SAP#s)
  • Contact Contracts and Lettings Supervisor at 651/366-4243 with questions. 



Hard Copy Bidding(2)
Bidders calculate and fill in the bid amount for each item, section totals and total bid. The entire proposal and bid bond must be submitted to Mn/DOT prior to the letting deadline.


  • Obtain a copy of the plans and proposals for the project from Mn/DOT
  • Complete the schedule of prices with pen, ink or typewriter
  • Calculate and fill in the bid amount for each item, section totals and the total bid
  • Sign the bid and check your figures
  • Obtain a bid proposal guaranty in the form of  a bid bond, certified check or cashier's check for 5% of the bid price payable to Commissioner of Transportation
  • Mail or deliver the entire proposal (proposal and bid guaranty) in a sealed envelope at the time and place specified in the Advertisement for Bids
  • Each bid must be marked to clearly indicate the bidder's name, type of work, and project number.
  • Complete other required forms
  • Acknowledge addenda if applicable

If bidding on more than one project, submit each bid in a separate envelope

Bidding Tips
Make sure all whiteouts are initialed.  Whiteouts are considered a bid alteration. Penciled bids will be rejected.

    When making corrections,

    • Cross out, white out, or erase alterations completely
    • Print corrections in ink
    • Person signing the proposal MUST initial the correction in ink

  • Acknowledge each addendum on the signature page
  • Submit a complete proposal with bid
  • Enter unit price (in figures) for each pay item
  • Bid on and agree to perform work for each item
  • Do not leave any item blank.  If you choose to perform the work at no cost, enter 0.00 as the unit price
  • Only bid on items shown in the schedule of prices or added by addendum
  • Write or type unit prices
  • Authorized officers must sign proposals in ink
  • Any alteration or addition to the proposal or the price sheets is considered a conditioned bid and may result in bid rejection