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Work Zone Safety Tools - Devices and Lighting

Information on Crashworthy Devices, Vehicle Lighting and other approved products

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Crashworthy Devices

Crashworthy Devices Information


Contact MnDOT for crashworthy device information

Crash Testing Requirement for Work Zone Safety Devices

General Requirements for Devices

All Category I and Category II temporary traffic control devices shall meet crash testing criteria. This includes all new and used Category I and Category II devices. Category I devices include tube markers, plastic drums, and cones, etc. Category II devices include portable sign supports. Types I, II and III barricades, etc.

Crashworthy Device Certificate of Compliance Form (PDF 89.7 KB)

FHWA website for Approved Work Zone Devices

Type III Barricades - NCHRP 350 Approved

MnDOT approved generic sign designs

Portable Sign Support Structures.

Category III Devices

Temporary Portable Precast Concrete Barriers (see standard plate 8337)

Approved Vehicle Lighting

Vehicle Lighting Information

Who to contact

Contact MnDOT for Approved Vehicle Lighting

Vehicle Warning Light Specification

Vehicle Safety Lights Approved Products List

Temporary Portable Concrete Barrier Quality Specification

Provides specifications and pictures for Concrete Median Barrier Design

The contractor shall furnish and install portable precast median barriers in accordance with current specification. MnDOT Standard Plate 8337

Optional Connecting Pin Modification

A field modification has been approved to the connecting pin in order to improve the field placement and removal operation of the barrier system. Tech Memo 11-11-TS-02

Description and pictures of Concrete Median Barrier Design

Provides description of MnDOT Standard Plate 8337 and shows examples of: Barriers - Acceptable and Unacceptable (PDF 2.5 MB)