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Hwy 47–Isle to Ogilvie

Mille Lacs and Kanabec counties

Road, bridge work

Detour map - April to October 2020
Hwy 47 detoured between Isle and Ogilvie. Select map for PDF


Bridges open to local traffic at the Little Ann River and Ann Lake bridges. However, expect road operations to pick-up on the south end of the Hwy 47 project, as trucks can now haul materials through the open area.

Detour through October

  • Hwy 47 closed between Hwy 27/395th St. south of Isle and Ogilvie.
  • Hwy 47 detour via Hwy 27south of Isle, Hwy 65 Woodland to Hwy 23 Mora back to Ogilvie. Map, PDF

Local work zone

Project map
Hwy 47 Ogilvie to Isle work zone. Click map for PDF

Open, expect changes

Hwy 47 is open to those who live, work or visit a resident or business along the closed road. However, some work requires hard closures. Expect changes to access, gravel surfaces, reduced speeds, flaggers and a pilot car. Try to enter/exit the work zone nearest to you.

Current work

Project remains on schedule

  • Bridges open
    • Little Ann River bridge between Co. Rd. 26 and 265th Ave.
    • Ann Lake bridge between Co. Rd. 26 and 210th Ave
  • Through October: Reconstuct/reclaim the road surface. Expect delays, flaggers, pilot car, alternate one-way traffic between Hwy 27/395th St., south of Isle to Hwy 23 in Ogilvie.

About this project

MnDOT will reconstruct 22 miles of Highway 47 road surface and improve drainage between Highway 27 in Isle and Highway 23 in Ogilvie, and reconstruct two bridges near Kanabec Co. Rd. 26/Ann Lake in 2020.

Summary of work

  • Reconstruct the road surface (full-depth reclaim)
  • Improve drainage:
    • Replace or line 40 culverts/pipes below the road - COMPLETE
    • Replace bridge over Little Ann River - COMPLETE
    • Replace bridge over the west side of Ann Lake - COMPLETE
  • Improve access at these Hwy 47 intersections:
    Construct right turn lanes
    • W George Street/CR 10
    • 180th Avenue/CR 55
    • 190th Avenue
    • Carda Court
    • 220th Avenue
    • 320th Street/CR 126
    • Campground entrance south of Isle
    Construct bypass lanes
    • Ann Lake Road
    • Old Highway 66/Campground entrance
    Construct turn lanes
    • Highway 27/395th Street/CR 131, includes overhead lighting
    • CR 6/210th Avenue
  • Upgrade roadside guardrail
  • Install mumble and rumble strips

Traffic plans

Through October 2020

Hwy 47 will be detoured for the full duration of this project.


Hwy 47 closed Timeframe Detour route
Ogilvie to south of Isle April 27 to July 7; Aug 14 to mid-October Use Hwy 23 Ogilvie, Hwy 65 Mora to Hwy 27 Woodland, back to Hwy 47 at 395th St./Hwy 27, south of Isle. Map, png
Ogilvie to Isle COMPLETE: July 7 to August 14 Use Hwy 23 Ogilvie, Hwy 65 Mora, Hwy 18 and Hwy 47 to Isle. Map, png

Schedule is tentative and subject to change.