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Work Zone Safety Awareness Presentation

Promotes safe driving in winter and summer highway work zones


Central Minnesota Region

About this classroom presentation

The program is offered to promote and educate safe driving in winter and summer highway work zones. The presentation is aimed at driving tips and suggestions on what motorists should do when encountering snowplows, but other segments give advice on how to safely maneuver through summer highway construction zones.

Snow plow - STAY BACK STAY ALIVEEach MnDOT presenter will share personal experiences from his or her years of service on the roads in highway work zones.

A short quiz is also offered to aid learning. As an added benefit, arrangements can be made to have a fully equipped MnDOT snowplow truck available at your presentation.

It's free! There is no cost for the Safety Awareness multi-media program which can be geared for any age group—pre-elementary to senior citizens. It’s proven to be perfect for Drivers Education classes.

How do I schedule one?

There are District 3 employee speakers located throughout central Minnesota. We can accommodate groups of any size—large or small.

If you are interested in scheduling a safety presentation for your class or community group or have questions, please contact: Jenny Seelen, Program Coordinator, District 3 Central Region Communications for Baxter/St. Cloud at 218-828-5719.

Please, call to schedule a free Safety Awareness presentation for your class groups today!

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