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Hwy 61 reconstruct

Lake City


Upcoming meetings

To request reasonable accommodations, call 651-366-4720 or email your request to adarequest.dot@state.mn.us.

Weekly Public Meetings

Date: Every Tuesday (will start once construction begins)
Time: 8 a.m.
Location: Lake City Council Chambers, 205 W. Center St.

The project team will be available to share construction updates about the project and answer questions.

About this project

Summary of work

  • Replaces deteriorated pavement and provides a longer-term fix. Some portions of the roadway are 95-years old
  • Change of 4-lane highway to 3-lane highway will result in more uniform, consistent traffic speeds which can reduce crashes
  • Continuous sidewalks. Currently 3,300 feet of roadway in the city are without sidewalks
  • Off-street trail for bicyclists and green space construction
  • City of Lake City Reconstruction Project page

Traffic impacts

Hwy 61 Lake City Project map with the stages of detours
Hwy 61 reconstruct project map, detours within Lake City

Current traffic impacts

  • No current traffic impacts

Upcoming traffic impacts

  • Three stages of construction and detours
  • Stages will change as the project advances and sections of the roadway completed
  • Stage 1 will detour motorists from the south side of Lake City, off of Hwy 61 and rejoin the highway again in Red Wing. (See map labeled Detour from Lake City to Red Wing). During that time, sections 1 and 2 will be under construction
  • When construction in Section 1 is complete, detour progresses to Stage 2
  • Stage 2 detour will remain within Lake City. Section 2 and 3 will be under construction
  • When construction in Section 2 is complete, detour progresses to Stage 3
  • The Stage 3 detour will stay within Lake City. Section 3 will be under construction.