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Hwy 75

Madison to Bellingham

About this project

map of project area and detour
Hwy 75 project area and detour (click to enlarge)

Summary of work

  • Resurfacing (cold-in-place recycle) with 3" overlay of Hwy 75
    • Cold-in-place recycling is a method of removing and reusing the existing asphalt surface.
  • Sidewalk and pedestrian improvements to meet Americans with Disabilities (ADA) standards in Bellingham
  • Culvert lining
  • Guardrail replacement
  • Enlargment of paved shoulder from 2 feet to 6 feet
  • Chip seal of Hwy 75
    • Chip seals, also referred to as seal coats, protect the pavement, increase skid resistance and extend the life of the road.
    • Although it seems natural to avoid a road that has been recently coated or fixed, the chip sealing is unique in that it does not keep drivers off the road.
    • You can drive on a freshly chip sealed road after it has been swept.
    • A road that has been chip sealed will not be as quiet as new pavement. After a winter of plowing, the vehicle noise will diminish and you will notice that the road will not sound as loud.

Traffic impacts

Upcoming traffic impacts

  • Detour (map above) of Hwy 75