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Deer Detection and Warning System

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Wildlife Detection and Warning System - Phase 2

Project Description

MnDOT's focus for the Deer Detection and Warning System project is reduction of the number of deer/vehicle crashes (DVC). The Minnesota Department of Public Safety, Office of Traffic Safety states that 2,141 deer-vehicle crashes were reported in 2015, resulting in 6 fatalities.  All 6 fatalities involved a motorcycle.  Additionally, in 2015, there were 289 personal injury crashes and 1,846 reports of property damage crashes of $1,000 or more that involved deer.  Many more deer-vehicle crashes go unreported.


During Phase I, a deer detection system was installed 12 miles south of Marshall, MN along Camden State Park. Over the years, components of the detection system failed. This project upgraded the wireless signal system between the detectors and the flashing sign as well as assess and realign the detectors and solar panels.


A new system has been installed on Hennepin CSAH 121 in Dayton, MN near the Elm Creek Park based on the Marshall system design. This system has implemented a variety of new features for system management including power system monitors, advanced data logging and remote access to all system data via a web-based interface. The Dayton system also explores alternative detection technologies, including an area detector that will detect wildlife without the need for beam transmitter/receiver pairs.