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Minnesota Community Partners on Recruitment & Retention Solutions

What is it?

MnCARRS is comprised of approximately 50 community organizations and state agencies. Partner organizations serve as recruiters and credible voices within their communities to promote the State of Minnesota as an employer of choice. In return, the State provides advanced notice of job openings so partners can better prepare clients to compete through training programs and job coaching, improved communications about the State’s employment processes, and assistance with mock interviews to improve candidate’s performance in the hiring process. Additionally, MnCARRS participates in partner-sponsored career fairs, community outreach events, job information sessions, Minnesota Careers website training sessions, and more.

Why was it created?

In 2008 MnDOT created the MnDOT Community Advisors on Recruitment and Retention Solutions to build recruitment partnerships between MnDOT and communities underrepresented in the MnDOT workforce. In 2009 and 2013, MnCARRS partners actively recruited  for over 150 Transportation Associate positions at MnDOT. During these two periods of mass hiring, 29% to 35% of the positions were filled by diverse candidates. The majority of these diverse hires were recruited and referred to MnDOT through our MnCARRS partners.

In 2013 MnDOT expanded the breadth of this partnership by indicating to Minnesota Management & Budget that a transfer of MnCARRS to MMB leadership would support a higher level of state agency participation, provide for consistent state-wide messaging and increase the State of Minnesota’s ability to attract and retain qualified diverse candidates across all state agencies and in all occupational categories. MnCARRS is therefore re-named “Minnesota” Community Advisors on Recruitment and Retention Solutions, retaining its initial acronym.

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For more information, visit the Minnesota Management & Budget website.