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MAP 21 language regarding performance based planning, freight and transit planning requirements and the Strategic Highway Safety Plan will likely affect statewide and MPO planning. The initial asset management plan is due October 2015.

Six areas are required to be addressed within the plan:

  • Summary list, including condition of the national highway system pavements and bridges
  • Asset management objectives and measures
  • Performance gap identification
  • Lifecycle cost and risk management analysis
  • Financial plan
  • Investment strategies

State targets are required within 12 months of USDOT establishment of measures (due no later than 18 months after the October 1, 2012 date of enactment of MAP-21.) MPO targets are required within 6 months of State established targets. States are to coordinate with MPOs to the maximum extent practicable.

MnDOT is participating in a tri-state, USDOT pilot program in the development of a transportation asset management plan. The object of the pilot is to influence the USDOT's future guidance on asset management plan development. Anticipated completion of the pilot is spring 2014.