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Highway 47 and Highway 65

Blaine, Columbia Heights, Coon Rapids, Fridley, Hilltop, Spring Lake Park and Northeast Minneapolis

About this study

Highway 47 and highway 65 study area map from the Hwy 47 and Hwy 65 intersection in Northeast Minneapolis and Anoka Co. Rd. 10 in Blaine and Spring Lake Park

Hwy 47 and Hwy 65 study area map.

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Hwy 47/University Ave. and Hwy 65/Central Ave. serve communities from Minneapolis to Blaine. These parallel roads connect people to neighborhoods and businesses along a 10-mile corridor where there are many ways to travel, including walking, biking, public transit, and driving. There are also many trucks coming and going from local businesses, regional distribution centers, and a major rail facility.

The safety of all who use these roads is a growing concern. There are more accidents than average on some segments of Hwy 47 and Hwy 65, and the accidents that involve pedestrians and bicyclists are far more likely to result in death or serious injuries. Therefore, we are engaging the communities along Hwy 47 and Hwy 65 in a new study to better understand the needs of the many different users of these two roads, and what kinds of future improvements will help make conditions safer for all.

Summary of work

The study will produce a “road map” of where improvements are needed most—based on community input and data analysis. The study will not design specific construction projects, but will lay the groundwork that is necessary to help MnDOT and local partners prioritize projects and obtain funds for them.