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I-35W Minnesota River Bridge

Bloomington, Burnsville

Traffic impacts

Note: The I-35W Minnesota River Bridge will remain open to three lanes of traffic (one MnPASS lane) during peak travel times in both directions for the duration of the project.

A map of the project area.

I-35W Minnesota River bridge project location map.

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If you live near the Minnesota River Bridge you may hear noise as crews continue work on both sides of the river. Crews will be working from 7 a.m. until 5 a.m., six days per week, Monday through Saturday. Note: 106th St. and Lyndale Ave. may see delays as a considerable amount of truck traffic will be entering and exiting the project area. Pay attention when traveling through the area and do not follow construction vehicles into the work zone.

Lane closures

March 25 through fall 2021; 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. daily
  • I-35W will have alternating lane closures in both directions between Cliff Rd. in Burnsville and 106th St. in Bloomington
    • Note: After 10 p.m. I-35W may be reduced to a single lane
February through fall 2020
  • 106th St. is reduced to a single lane in both directions between Verdi Rd. and Lyndale Ave. S.
Oct. 18, 2018 through summer 2021
  • SB I-35W reduced from four lanes to three between 106th St. and Cliff Rd.

Ramp closures

June 5 through Sun, Aug. 16
March 23 through Sun, Aug. 16
  • The ramps to/from SB I-35W and Black Dog Rd. are closed
    • Detour to Black Dog Rd.: SB I-35W, Hwy 13 and NB I-35W to access Black Dog Rd.
    • Detour to SB I-35W: NB I-35W and 98th St. to access SB I-35W
Oct. 18, 2018 through summer 2021

Lane alterations

June 11 through summer
  • SB I-35W travel lanes are shifted between 106th St. and Hwy 13. Motorists will need to choose a lane before the Minnesota River.
    • Motorists exiting onto 106th St. should stay in the right lane and follow the “I-35W/local access” signs. You will need to be in this lane to exit onto 106th St.
    • Motorists traveling south of Cliff Rd. in Burnsville should use the right lanes and follow the “I-35W south” signs to continue through the construction area.
    • Note: The far left southbound travel lane is reserved for MnPASS only during peak travel times
    • View a map of the lane alterations (PNG)

Trail/sidewalk closures

Through fall 2020
  • The sidewalks on the south side of 106th St. between Verdi Rd. and Lyndale Ave. S. may be fully or partially closed for utility and/or construction work. Please follow the posted detour during any closures.
Mon. through Fri.; 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily
  • Minnesota River Bottoms Trails west of the I-35W River Bridge in the construction area is closed (Saturdays will be make up-days in case of rain).
Trail conditions

For more information about trail conditions, visit the Dakota County website.


Information about upcoming traffic impacts will be posted as details become available.

About this project

MnDOT in partnership with Dakota County, Hennepin County, City of Bloomington and the City of Burnsville are developing a project to replace the bridge and pavement on I-35W between Cliff Rd. and 106th St. Raise I-35W out of the floodplain and improve pedestrian access across the river.

Bridge Demolition Process

Now that traffic is switched to the new northbound bridge, the contractor will safely tear down the former I-35W river crossing while constructing the new southbound bridge in its place. Crews will remove the portion of the bridge over land with conventional breakers (e.g. large jackhammer attachments on excavators). The portion of the bridge over water/wetland will be cut up and removed piece by piece, and the beams will be removed using cranes. The whole process will take 3 months. Please contact the project team if you have any questions or concerns regarding the bridge demolition process.

Summary of work

  • Reconstruct I-35W Bridge spanning the Minnesota River
  • Reconstruct I-35W bridge spanning 106th St.
  • Replace pavement from Cliff Rd. to 106th St.
  • Construct NB auxiliary/truck lane between Cliff Rd. and 106th St.
  • Construct Trail between Black Dog Rd. and Lyndale Ave.
  • Improve signing, lighting and drainage


  • Preliminary design: December 2017
  • Municipal consent hearings: November 2017

STEM program

We recognize the need to develop a diverse and talented workforce to fulfill our vision of creating a safe, efficient and sustainable transportation system for the future. 

We partnered with other organizations to create an interactive program to integrate bridge architecture, design and engineering into a school curriculum. Learn more about the STEM program.