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Pavement Preservation

The Minnesota DOT Road Research Project (MnROAD) and National Center for Asphalt Technology (NCAT) have formed a partnership to evaluate Pavement Preservation treatments. Following the success of the Lee Road 159 preservation treatments, in 2015, NCAT constructed a high volume test sections on US 280. MnDOT, in conjunction with the northern DOT’s (in the pooled fund), constructed similar test sections in 2016 on US-169 (high volume) and CSAH-8 (low volume) in Mille Lacs County. In 2019, cold recycle sections were constructed near MnROAD to compliment the suite of cold recycling sections on US 280 in Opelika, Alabama.

Northern Test Section Layout Map (US-169 / CSAH-8) (pdf)

Northern Test Section Layout (US-169 / CSAH-8 Google Earth Viewer) (kmz)


The objective of the Preservation Group (PG) experiment is to quantify the life-extending benefits of pavement preservation on both low- and high-volume roadways.


The northern DOTs involved in the PG experiment are: Colorado, Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota, Michigan, New York, and Wisconsin. This work is being done under the existing NCAT pooled fund, TPF-5(375).


This experiment constructed low- and high-volume pavement preservation sections (off the MnROAD site). The test sections are similar to the treatments constructed by NCAT using the materials and construction methods used by MnDOT. This experiment includes treatment selection, test site selection, and layout, scheduling, constructing sections, performance monitoring, and data activities. Collection of performance data are using automated and manual methods such as:

  • Visual field reviews and crack mapping
  • Weather station data
  • Snow Plow Data - MnDOT Link
  • Automated distress collection (Pathways vans or others)
  • Surface characteristics (Locked wheel friction, dynamic friction device, texture meter, or others)
  • Traffic counts

Current Status

Study Contacts

Jerry Geib, P.E.
Eddie Johnson, P.E.
Paul Nolan