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2017 Presentations

NRRA Pavement Conference 2017

Orange barrels on a highway

NRRA Pavement Conference 2017

Day One

Discussion on the Flexible, Rigid, Geotechnical, Preventative Maintenance, Technology Transfer--Ben Worel

Intelligent Compaction HMA—Joe Holland

Stabilized Full Depth Recycling, Cold in-Place Recycling and Hot in-Place Recycling: Impact of Life Cycle Cost Analysis on Pavement Design/Performance--Steve Cross

Unbonded Concrete Overlays--Brett Trautman

Advanced Performance Monitoring of Surface Condition--Timo Saarenketo

Day Two

Some Thoughts on Improving Pavement Research Implementation—Charles Schwartz

How Can We Make a Greater Impact—Julie Vandenbossche

Recap of Workshops–Ben Worel

Improving our HMA Density “Rolling Density Meter”–Shongtao Dai

Cold In-Place Recycling and RMRC (Recycled Materials Resource Center)–

Benefits of the NCAT / MnROAD Partnership–Buzz Powell

Aligning Geotechnical Testing to Pavement Design–David J. White

PEHKO 2015-2025 Project – Testing New Technologies for Proactive Pavement Maintenance in Finland–Timo Saarenketo

Longitudinal Joint Sealants–Jim Trepanier

How Properties of the Surface Affect Pavement Performance–Bernard Izevbekhai

Idaho Transportation Department Survey Project–Ken Maser

Asphalt Recycling: Key Research, Best Practices and Successful Implementation–Dan Wegman

Cement Stabilized Base with Chipseal Surfacing–Dave Rettner and John Brunkhorst

Preserving the Infrastructure for Renewable Energy–Christopher DeDene and Chunhua Han