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What is a parklet

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A parklet is an innovative and cost effective way to add public gathering space to public streets and they serve as streetscape enhancements, providing an economical solution for increased public open space. They can also include amenities such as seating, plantings, bike parking and public art.

This parklet was funded by the Minnesota Department of Transportation for the 2016 Kick Gas exhibit at the Minnesota State Fair and in support of the release of Minnesota Walks, a document that will help create a pathway to safe, convenient and desirable walking and rolling for all. Parklets are listed in the plan as one of the main themes and strategies of creating walkable communities.

Where to use parklets and site selection

Parklets can be used at events such as open streets, town festivals or other community celebrations. If used for a longer period of time, the parklet should be located on streets with traffic speeds 30 mph or less. Ideally, the parklet should be located in an unrestricted parking lane, parallel to the curb edge, adjacent to the sidewalk and at least one 20' parking space away from the nearest intersection. For more info on site selection, see page 14 of the City of Minneapolis Parklet Application Manual.


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