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Hwys 1–9

Hwy 2 – Bemidji

Description: Intersection and signal improvements
More information: mndot.gov/d2/projects/2019/hwy2-bemidji

Hwy 2 — Kennedy Bridge, East Grand Forks

Description: Replace bridge deck

More information: mndot.gov/d2/projects/kennedybridge

Hwy 2 — Proctor

Description: Signal upgrade, accessibility improvements at County Road 11

More information: stlouiscountymn.gov

Hwy 3 — Inver Grove Heights

Description: Construct roundabout at Co. Rd. 26/Lone Oak Rd.

Hwy 4 — Sauk Centre to Paynesville

Description: Reconstruct the road surface and replace pipes on 21 miles of Hwy 4 between I-94 near Sauk Centre and Hwy 55 west of Paynesville in Stearns and Kandiyohi counties. Project excludes Lake Henry and Meire Grove.

Hwy 4 — Meeker County

Description: Resurface Hwy 4 from Hwy 12 to Hwy 55.

More information: mndot.gov/d8/projects/hwy4

Hwy 4 — Sherburn to Iowa

Description: Resurface and replace two bridges

More information: mndot.gov/d7/projects/hwy4sherburn

Hwy 4 — Kandiyohi and Stearns Counties

Description: Reconstruct road, pipes.

More information: mndot.gov/d3/projects/2019/h4

Hwy 6 — Emily to Outing

Description: Resurface and improve Hwy 6 south of Emily to Moritz Rd. near Perry Lake and north of Emily to Outing, includes sidewalks in Outing.

Hwy 6 — Northern Itasca and Koochiching Counties

Description: Resurfacing project
More information: mndot.gov/d1/projects/hwy-6-resurfacing

Hwy 6 — Crosby

Description: Install a pedestrian Cuyuna Lakes State Trail underpass tunnel in Crosby, Crow Wing County. 

More information: mndot.gov/d3/crosby-ironton/trail

Hwy 7 — Hopkins, Minnetonka and St. Louis Park

Description: Resurfacing improvement project

More information: mndot.gov/metro/projects/hwy7minnetonkaslp

Hwy 9 — Ada

Description: Resurface 9 miles
More information: mndot.gov/d2/projects/2019/hwy9-ada

Hwys 10–19

Hwy 10 — Denmark Township to Prescott, WI

More information: projects.511wi.gov/us10-lift-bridge

Hwy 10 — Arden Hills

Description: Constructed a third lane on EB Hwy 10 between I-35W and Co. Rd. 96

More information: mndot.gov/metro/projects/hwy10ardenhills

Hwy 11 — Koochiching County bridge replacement project

Description: Replace bridge

More information: mndot.gov/d1/projects/hwy11bridge

Hwy 12 — Independence

Description: Resurface road and add rumble strips between Co. Rd. 90 in Independence and Hennepin/Wright county line

Contact: Dave Aeikens

Hwy 14 — Tracy to Revere

Description: Resurface Hwy 14 from Tracy to Revere.

More information: mndot.gov/d8/projects/hwy14tracytorevere

Hwy 15 — Kimball to St. Augusta

Description: Reconstruct the road surface, replace pipes and improve access on Hwy 15 from Hwy 55 in Kimball to 66th Ave in St. Augusta in Stearns County

Hwy 16 — Dexter to Spring Valley

Description: Resurfacing with blacktop

More information: mndot.gov/d6/projects/hwy16-resurfacing

Hwys 19 and 71 — Redwood Falls

Description: Construction of two-way left turn lane, signal replacements and replacement of pedestrian ramps, sidewalks and driveways to be in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

More information: mndot.gov/d8/projects/hwys19and71redwoodfalls

Hwys 20–29

Hwy 21 — Jordan and New Prague

Description: Resurface road; repair concrete pavement; construct turn lanes, improve drainage and sidewalk accessibility on Hwy 21 between Hwy 19 in New Prague and Mill St. in Jordan

Contact: Kirsten Klein

Hwy 22 — Mapleton to Mankato

Description: Victory Drive memorial landscaping

More information: mndot.gov/d7/projects/hwy22mapleton/victorydrive.html

Hwy 22 & Hwy 212 — Glencoe

Description: Transportation study
More information: mndot.gov/d8/projects/hwy212hwy22glencoe

Hwy 23 — Carlton County

Description: Bridge removal project
More information: mndot.gov/d1/projects/hwy23bridge-removal

Hwy 23 — Marshall

Description: Construction of two reduced conflict intersections and restricted left turn lane

More information: mndot.gov/d8/projects/hwy23marshall

Hwy 23 — Marshall living snow fence

Description: Blowing snow control installation
More information: mndot.gov/d8/projects/hwy23marshallsnowfence

Hwy 25 — Buffalo to Montrose

Description: Reconstruct the road surface and replace pipes on Hwy 25 from south of the Settlers Parkway roundabout in Buffalo to Hwy 12 near Montrose, Wright County.

Hwy 27 — Little Falls

Description: Reconstruct and improve Hwy 27 through Little Falls. The project will make for a smoother road surface, update old underground city water and sewer infrastructure, update pedestrian sidewalks and signals.

Hwy 27, 75 Wheaton

Description: Resurface, pedestrian accessibility improvements in Wheaton

More information: mndot.gov/d4/projects/wheaton

Hwy 28/29 Glenwood to Starbuck

Description: Resurface, shoulder widening, bypass lane at Co Hwy 24, left turn lanes at Golf Course Rd.

More information: mndot.gov/d4/projects/hwy29glenwood

Hwys 30-39

Hwy 32 — Twin Valley

Description: Replace culvert at Mashaug Creek
More information: mndot.gov/d2/projects/2019/hwy32-twinvalley

County Hwy 35 and Hwy 36 (Hadley Interchange)

Description: Developed final design and construction for intersection improvement at Hadley Ave.

More information: co.washington.mn.us/2504/HadleyInterchange

I-35 — Goose Creek Rest Area

Description: Reconstruct building, grade and pave parking lot at the Goose Creek Rest Area

Contact: Denise Workcuff

I-35 — Duluth freeway lighting project

Description: Repair, maintain or replace freeway lighting equipment
More information: mndot.gov/d1/projects/i35-lighting-duluth

I-35/I-535/Hwy 53 Twin Ports Interchange local roads improvement project in Duluth

Description: Improve local roads, relocate Coffee Creek

More information: mndot.gov/d1/projects/tpi-local-roads

I-35 — Pine County bridge replacement project over Snake River

Description: Resurfacing, new bridges

More information: mndot.gov/d1/projects/i35snakeriver

I-35 — St. Louis, Carlton and Pine counties bridge painting project

Description: Paint 10 bridges

More information: mndot.gov/d1/projects/i35bridges

I-35W and I-94 — Minneapolis drainage tunnels

Description: Repaired drain tunnels and constructed new tunnel access shaft

More information: mndot.gov/metro/projects/stevensavenuempls

I-35W and 5th Street Pedestrian Bridge Replacement — Minneapolis

Description: Built a new pedestrian and bike bridge at 5th St. SE over I-35W

More Information: mndot.gov/metro/projects/i35wandfifthstbridge

Hwy 36 and County Hwy 35 (Hadley Interchange)

Description: Developed final design and construction for intersection improvement at Hadley Ave.

More information: co.washington.mn.us/2504/HadleyInterchange

Hwy 95 (north of Hwy 36) — Upper Loop Trail and drainage

Description: Construction of the Upper Loop Trail along Hwy 95; improved drainage; and landscaping along Hwy 95 north of the bridge and in the interchange of Hwy 36 and Hwy 95
More information: mndot.gov/metro/projects/hwy95stillwater

Hwy 37 — St. Louis County bridge project

Description: Construct new bridge over Hwy 53

More Information: mndot.gov/d1/projects/hwy37bridge

Hwy 39 in Duluth

Description: Resurface road, drainage and accessibility improvements

More information: mndot.gov/d1/projects/hwy39

Hwys 40-59

Hwy 43 — Winona

Description: Repair current bridge and construct new bridge across Mississippi River

More information: mndot.gov/winonabridge

Hwy 52 – Marion to Chatfield

Description: Construct improvements on Highway 52 from Marion to Chatfield

More information: mndot.gov/d6/projects/hwy52-marion-chatfield

Hwy 52 — Oronoco to Rochester

Description: Hwy 52 resurfacing
More information: mndot.gov/d6/projects/hwy52-oronoco-rochester-resurfacing

Hwy 52 — Oronoco to Zumbrota

Description: Traffic Management System Installation (cameras)
More information: mndot.gov/d6/projects/hwy52-traffic-management

Hwy 53 — Hermantown

Description: Signal replacement, accessibility improvements at County Road 48

More information: stlouiscountymn.gov

Hwy 53 south of Eveleth

Description: Bridge repair, resurfacing project

More information: mndot.gov/d1/projects/hwy53-so-of-eveleth

Hwy 53 — Twig

Description: Reduced conflict intersection at County Road 7 and County Road 885

More information: stlouiscountymn.gov

Hwy 53 – between Hwy 37 and Eveleth

Description: Bridge removal, resurfacing project

More information: mndot.gov/d1/projects/hwy53-bridge-removal-resurfacing

Hwy 55 — Golden Valley

Description: Replace signal at Meadow Lane

Contact: Dave Aeikens

Hwy 55 — Minneapolis to Rockford

Description: Safety improvements including culvert replacement, tree removal, curb and gutter replacement and guardrail replacement

More information: mndot.gov/metro/projects/hwy55safetyimprovements2018

Hwy 55 — Annandale to Buffalo

Description: Reconstruct the road surface, replace/repair pipes, and improve pedestrian access between Annandale Blvd in Annandale and Hwy 25 in Buffalo, includes a new center left-turn lane in Maple Lake east of Wright CR 8/Oak Ave.

Hwy 55 – Paynesville to west of Regal

Description: Resurface nine miles of road, upgrade guardrail and re-deck the bridge over the railroad tracks in Paynesville.

Hwys 55, 59, 79 – Elbow Lake

Description: Resurface, complete streets reconstruction, accessibility improvements
More information: mndot.gov/d4/projects/elbowlake

Hwy 57 — Bridge Replacements

Description: Replace three bridges with new, wider bridges

More information: mndot.gov/d6/projects/hwy57-bridge-replacements

Hwy 59/Willow Street Roundabout — Detroit Lakes

Description: Pavement repair at the Hwy 59/Willow Street roundabout in Detroit Lakes

More information: mndot.gov/d4/projects/hwy59willow

Hwys 60-79

Hwy 60 — Downtown Faribault

Description: Hwy 60 Downtown Faribault reconstruct – City of Faribault leading the project

More information: mndot.gov/d7/projects/hwy60-faribault-reconstruct

Hwy 60 — Heron Lake

Description: Construct two J-turns, also known as Reduced Conflict Intersections, and one restricted intersection

More information: mndot.gov/d7/projects/hwy60heronlake

Hwy 60 — Windom

Description: Resurface Hwy 60, improve pedestrian ramps for ADA compliancy and storm sewer work.

More information: mndot.gov/d7/projects/hwy60windom

Hwy 60 Resurfacing

Description: Construct improvements on Highway 60 from Zumbro Falls to Wabasha.
More information: mndot.gov/d6/projects/hwy60-resurfacing-zumbrofalls-wabasha

Hwy 61 — Resurfacing Winona County

Description: Resurfacing Hwy 61 with blacktop between Homer and I-90

More Information: mndot.gov/d6/projects/hwy61-resurfacing-winona-county

Hwy 61 — Winona

Description: Traffic signal replacement
More information: mndot.gov/d6/projects/hwy61-traffic-signal

Hwy 61 — Tunnel lighting project - Lake County

Description: Install new efficient lighting systems

More Information: mndot.gov/d1/projects/hwy61-tunnels

Hwy 61 — Gooseberry Falls Rest Area improvements - Lake County

Description: Repair retaining wall, landscaping, resurface trails, parking lot

More Information: mndot.gov/roadsides/historic/projects.html

Hwy 61 — Two Harbors

Description: Signal replacements, resurfacing, accessibility improvements.

Hwy 62 and Hwy 212 — Eden Prairie and Edina

Description: Resurfaced the highway and moved the pedestrian crossings at Beach Rd. from the east to the west of the intersection

More information: mndot.gov/metro/projects/hwy62

Hwy 62 and France Avenue Bridge – Edina

Description: Reconstructed the deck of the France Ave. Bridge over Hwy 62. Reconstructed pavement on France Ave. in the intersections and replaced both ramp signals. Lengthened an acceleration lane on the EB Hwy 62 entrance ramp to France Ave. And made sidewalk and accessibility improvements.

More information: mndot.gov/metro/projects/hwy62andfranceavebridge

Hwy 65 resurfacing project - Aitkin County

Description:Resurfaces Hwy 65 from just south of Hwy 200 to Hwy 169 in Aitkin County

More information: mndot.gov/d1/projects/hwy65-resurfacing

Hwy 65 — Blaine, Ham Lake and East Bethel

Description: Constructed Reduced Conflict Intersections along Hwy 65 between north of Bunker Lake Blvd. and 245 Ave. N. Lengthened left turn lanes at intersections between 85th Ave., Blaine and Sims Rd., East Bethel

More information: mndot.gov/metro/projects/hwy65rci

Hwy 65 — Fridley

Description: Replaced aging storm sewer pipe, permanent sidewalk, curb and gutter along SB Hwy 65 between 64th Ave. and W. Moore Lake Dr.

More information: mndot.gov/metro/projects/hwy65fridley

Hwy 65 — Nashwauk (Itasca County)

Description: Resurfaces Hwy 65 from Nashwauk to Hawkins

More information: mndot.gov/d1/projects/hwy65itascacounty

Hwy 65/Hwy 107 intersection near Braham

Description: Install a newly redesigned T intersection with 'continuous green' traffic signal system at the junction of Hwy 65 and Hwy 107 near Braham, Isanti County.
More information: mndot.gov/d3/projects/braham

Hwy 65 Jacobson, Ball Bluff, Libby (Aitkin County)

Description: Resurfaces Hwy 65 through Jacobson, Ball Bluff and Libby in Aitkin County. Accessibility improvements at the Big Sandy Lake Overlook. Repairs or replaces several culverts.

More information: mndot.gov/d1/projects/hwy65

Hwy 67 — Bridge near Echo

Description: Replace two bridges over Boiling Spring Creek, one mile north of Echo.

More information: mndot.gov/d8/projects/hwy67bridge

Hwy 68 — Bridge near Canby

Description: Replace bridge over Lazarus Creek, three miles west of Canby.

More information: mndot.gov/d8/projects/hwy68bridge

Hwy 71 — Blackduck

Description: Reconstruct in Blackduck, resurface 13 miles to county line
More information: mndot.gov/d2/projects/2019/hwy71-blackduck 

Hwy 71 — north of Bemidji

Description: Construct roundabout at Hwy 71 ramp for Irvine Ave/Beltrami CR 15
More information: mndot.gov/d2/projects/2019/hwy71-bemidji

Hwy 71 — Kabekona

Description: Replace culvert
More information: mndot.gov/d2/projects/2019/hwy71-kabekona

Hwy 73 — Floodwood

Description: Resurfacing project

More information: mndot.gov/d1/projects/hwy73floodwood

Hwy 74 – Beaver to Weaver

Description: Box culvert replacement
More information: mndot.gov/d6/projects/hwy74-bridge-replacements

Hwy 75 — South of Donaldson

Description: Replace three box culverts
More information: mndot.gov/d2/projects/2019/hwy75-donaldson 

Hwy 75 – Co 184 to Wilkin/Clay county line

Description: Resurface, storm sewer repair, and sidewalk improvements.

More information: mndot.gov/d4/projects/hwy75wolverton

Hwys 75 and 68 Canby

Description: Resurface US Hwy 75 from Ivanhoe to Canby. Sidewalk improvements on Hwy 68 in Canby.

More information: mndot.gov/d8/projects/hwys75and68canby

Hwy 77 — Eagan

Description: Repair bridge and ramps; update signals and guardrail; improve pedestrian accessibility on Hwy 77 between Cliff Rd. (Co. Rd. 32) and Diffley Rd. (Co. Rd. 30)

Hwys 80-99

I-90 — Bridge repair

Description: Repairing 12 bridges

More information: mndot.gov/d6/projects/i90-bridge-repair

I-90 Concrete Overlay

Description: Concrete resurfacing on westbound I-90 from Freeborn County Road 46 to Highway 13.

More information: mndot.gov/d6/projects/i90-concreteoverlay

I-94 – Maple Grove

Description: Repaired drainage on ramp from Hemlock Ln. to WB I-94

Contacts: Dave Aeikens

I-94 bridge repair – Minneapolis

Description: Installed a temporary pedestrian bridge at 22nd Ave. and repaired a damaged bridge at 25th Ave.

More Information: mndot.gov/metro/projects/i94and25thavebridge

I-94 — Minneapolis noise wall replacement

Description: Replaced noise wall on I-94 from Cedar Ave. to the Mississippi River

More Information: mndot.gov/metro/projects/i94mplsnoisewall

I-94 and I-35 — Minneapolis drainage tunnels

Description: Repaired drain tunnels, constructed new tunnel access shaft

More information: mndot.gov/metro/projects/stevensavenuempls

I-94 — West Lakeland Township

Description: Parking lot expansion for trucks at the St. Croix Rest Area in Washington Co.

Contact: Denise Workcuff

I-94 — St. Paul

Description: Resurfaced road between Western Ave. and Hwy 280, replaced signals at Lexington Ave. intersections, accessible pedestrian signals at Cretin Ave. and Vandalia St. intersections, ADA improvements

More Information: mndot.gov/metro/projects/i94-stpaul-resurfacing

I-94 — Collegeville

Description: Re-deck the Stearns County Rd 159 bridge surface over I-94, west of St. Joseph in Collegeville.

I-94 – Hwy 114 to Hwy 29

Description: Concrete resurface on eastbound Interstate 94
More information: mndot.gov/d4/projects/i94eastbound

I-94 – Lake Latoka near Alexandria

Description: Replace eastbound I-94 bridge over Lake Latoka
More information: mndot.gov/d4/projects/i94eastbound

I-94 – Fuller Lake Rest Area (westbound)

Description: Improve parking areas at the Fuller Lake Rest Area along westbound I-94, west of Clearwater, Stearns County.

Hwy 95, 36 — Stillwater

Description: Built St. Croix Crossing Upper Loop Trail, improved drainage
More information: mndot.gov/metro/projects/hwy95stillwater

Hwy 99 — Le Sueur County

Description: Resurfacing, culvert and bridge work

More information: mndot.gov/d7/projects/hwy99

Hwys 100-199

Hwy 100 — Edina

Description: Update retaining wall and repair damage near NB ramp to Eden Ave.

Hwy 119 — Hwy 40 to Hwy 12

Description: Resurface.
More information: mndot.gov/d8/projects/hwy119

Hwy 135 between Gilbert and Town of White

Description: Resurfacing, bridge rehabilitation and intersection improvements on Hwy 135 between Hwy 53 and St. Louis County Road 21, including the communities of Gilbert, Aurora and the Town of White.

More information: mndot.gov/d1/projects/hwy135

Hwy 169 — Aitkin

Description: Restore the historic Pine-Hickory Lakes Roadside Parking Area

More information: mndot.gov/roadsides/historic/projects.html

Hwy 169 Garrison

Description: Restore historic northbound Hwy 169 bridge over a creek, along Mille Lacs Lake, between Hwy 18 and the Garrison Public Water Access at Pike Point

Hwy 169 Mountain Iron

Description: Repair of two bridges, hwy resurfacing, and traffic signal and accessibility improvements.

More information: mndot.gov/d1/projects/hwy-169-mountain-iron

Hwy 169 — north of Vineland

Description: Restore historic Hwy 169 bridge over White Fish Creek in Mille Lacs county.

More information: mndot.gov/roadsides/historic/projects.html

Hwy 194, Mesaba Avenue and Hwy 2 Duluth

Description: Lane reconfiguration, bridge repairs, concrete pavement repairs and ADA improvements

Hwys 200-299

Hwy 210 — Brainerd to Ironton

Description: Reconstruct 14 miles of road surface, replace/repair pipes and improve access on Hwy 210 from the end of the four-lane in Brainerd to 7th Ave in Ironton, in Crow Wing County

More information: mndot.gov/d3/projects/2019/h210

Hwy 212 Cologne/Dahlgren Township

Description: Constructed two Reduced Conflict Intersections (RCI) on Hwy 212 between Co. Hwy 41 and Co. Hwy 36

More information: mndot.gov/metro/projects/hwy212cologne

Hwy 212 & Hwy 22 — Glencoe

Description: Transportation study
More information: mndot.gov/d8/projects/hwy212hwy22glencoe

Hwy 218 – Intersection Safety Improvements - Lyle

Description: Intersection Safety Improvements
More information: mndot.gov/d6/projects/hwy218-intersection-safety-improvements

Hwy 220 – Climax

Description: Bridge preservation and painting
More information: mndot.gov/d2/projects/2019/hwy32-220

Hwy 220 – North of Oslo

Description: Replace bridge over Snake River and Tamarac River
More information: mndot.gov/d2/projects/2019/hwy220-oslo

Hwys 300-694

Hwy 371 – Little Falls to Baxter

Description: Replace all obsolete road signs along Hwy 371.

Hwy 371 – Nisswa to Jenkins

Description: Landscape along new four-lane.

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