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Local Bridge Replacement Program, Sample Resolutions

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Establishing a Prioritized County/City Bridge Replacement List Adding Bridges to an Existing Prioritized List Approving the State Transportation Fund Grant Agreement May 20, 2002

Recent changes to the town bridge laws allow counties to request reimbursement for costs incurred by townships for engineering costs. Engineering costs, like approach grading costs, are to be requested by resolution of the County Board. On this occasion, we are updating the sample bridge resolutions to be used for town bridge and bridge bond projects.

Rules in Chapters 8810 and 8820 require resolutions from the County Board or City Council authorizing the Commissioner to release funds from either the Town Bridge Account or the State Transportation Fund (bonds).

Excerpts follow:

8810.8200 Subpart 1. The county board in cooperation with other local units of government within the county, other than urban municipalities, shall determine a proposed program for the construction or reconstruction of key bridges within the county other than urban municipal or trunk highway bridges.

This county board by resolution shall request of the commissioner authorization to construct or reconstruct specific bridges or remove an abandoned bridge within the county and request funding.
8810.8200 Subp. 2. The city council by resolution shall request of the commissioner authorization to construct or reconstruct specific bridges or remove an abandoned bridge within the municipality and request funding.
8820.2900 Subp. 2a. A town bridge is eligible for replacement, reconstruction, or abandonment after the county board reviews the pertinent data supplied by local citizenry, local units of government, the regional development commission, or the metropolitan council, and adopts a formal resolution identifying the town bridge or bridges to be replaced or reconstructed.

State Statute also requires a resolution for special uses of the town bridge account. For ease of administration, it is suggested that the resolution that establishes the prioritized list also grants the county engineer the authority to request funds. If it does not, a separate resolution is required.

MS 161.082 Subd. 2a (e) When bridge approach construction work exceeds $10,000 in costs, or when the county engineer determines that the cost of the replacement culverts alone will not exceed $20,000, or engineering costs exceed $10,000, the town shall be eligible for financial assistance from the town bridge account. Financial assistance shall be requested by resolution of the county board

Finally, upon letting of the project of a state bridge fund project, and determination of bid prices, an agreement resolution is required as stipulated in statute and rule as follows.

MS 174.50 Subd. 5. Before disbursement of an appropriation made from the fund to the commissioner of transportation for grants to subdivisions of the state, the commissioner shall certify:… (3) that the financing of any estimated cost of the project in excess of the amount of the grant is assured by … an irrevocable undertaking, in a resolution of the governing body of the subdivision, to use all funds so made available exclusively for the project, and to pay any additional amount by which the cost exceeds the estimate through appropriation to the construction fund of additional funds or the proceeds of additional bonds to be issued by the subdivision.
8810.8400 The commissioner shall notify the local units of government, as to funding availability from the Minnesota state transportation fund or federal funds. The local unit of government shall by resolution agree to the terms and conditions specified in the notification by the commissioner consistent with Minnesota Statutes, section 174.50, subdivision 5, clause (3).

Resolutions for placing bridges on the priority list should include the old bridge number, the funds being requested, and a proposed construction year. These numbers are used for planning purposes and do not restrict the agency to a particular amount or construction year.

If a bridge is found mid-year that needs to be added to the list, either a separate resolution can be passed adding that bridge to the list, or a new resolution can be passed creating an updated list.

Sample Resolutions: