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Connecting Oak Park Heights, Minn. and St. Joseph, Wis.

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Crews cast final segment for St. Croix Crossing July 13

July 13, 2016

Pier 10 stay cable installation begins

STILLWATER, Minn. – Workers at the St. Croix Crossing on-site casting yard, located near the Highway 36/Highway 95 intersection, cast the final segment Wednesday, July 13.

Since Summer 2014, crews have produced nearly 330 pre-cast segments at the on-site casting yard. These segments are being used for the approach ramps and bridges on Minnesota land and are smaller than the river bridge segments, being cast at Grey Cloud Island. 

By casting the segments and then lifting them into place, the contractor maintains quality and consistency among the key components of the bridge. The process also saves money because only a few segments will need to be “cast in place,” which requires custom forms and steel.

Other St. Croix Crossing bridge construction highlights include:

  • Crews began stay cable installation at Pier 10 on July 6. Stay cable installation is either underway or complete at all five river piers.
  • Crews have placed three of the four final segments that make up the bridge deck at Pier 8, closest to Minnesota. The fourth segment will be erected at Pier 8 after all segment placement is complete at Span 8 between Pier 7 on Minnesota land and Pier 8 in the river.

Potential flood impacts:
According to the National Weather Service, the St. Croix River could crest 10-feet higher than the normal water level. If this happens the contractor will follow the flood management plan and move all equipment and materials away from the dock walls, out of the flood zone. Work will continue on the bridge regardless of the river level.

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