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Request driver training

MnDOT RTAP is now scheduling driver training. Submit requests for training.

The agency must meet the following requirements when requesting RTAP training:

  • At least three participants from the hosting agency attend the training
  • Allow MnRTAP to advertise the class via e-mails, website and word of mouth
  • The host organization should be an eligible recipient of FTA Section 5310 or Section 5311 funding or a subcontracted operator of the recipient. We also offer training to eligible tribal organizations who are direct recipients of FTA funding. Drivers employed by these organizations do not pay a fee to attend the classes.
  • Audiovisual equipment:
    • DVD player and television (36” screen preferred)
    • Laptop and projector
  • Passenger Assistance:
    • Classroom space for 12 to 15 participants
    • Garage space and a lift equipped bus for hands on training
    • One or more wheelchairs for hands on training
  • Defensive Driving/Maltreatment Awareness or Driver Refresher Training:
    • Classroom space for up to 20 participants
  • The agency may organize the class off site but facility must meet guidelines above

Please note: Mileage and meal reimbursement are no longer available for driver training class participants.

Driver training classes

Defensive Driving, Coaching the Van Driver

A classroom program that highlights the differences between a regular sedan and high profile vehicle that reinforces safe driving habits. Usually offered with Maltreatment Awareness class. (4-hours)

Maltreatment Awareness

A classroom program that acquaints staff with Minnesota statutes related to vulnerable adults and minors. Usually offered with Defensive Driving, Coaching the Van Driver class. (4-hours)

Passenger Assistance

A classroom and hands-on program that teaches drivers how to effectively assist and communicate with passengers who are elderly or disabled. (8-hours)

Driver Refresher

Recommended every three years, this class reviews the essentials of the above classes (Defensive Driving for 2 hours, Passenger Assistance and Maltreatment Awareness for 2 hours, totaling 4 hours).

Two-Day Training for New Hires

The training is being provided for participants through RTAP funding, which is a training, technical assistance, and outreach program funded by the Federal Transit Administration and administered by the MnDOT Office of Transit. One of the days will be Passenger Assistance for 8 hours. The other day will be Defensive Driving, Coaching the Van Driver and Maltreatment Awareness for 4 hours each, totaling 8 hours.

Section 5310, Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities Program

The Section 5310 program was established by the Federal Transit Authority as a discretionary capital assistance program. In cases where public transit is inadequate or inappropriate, the program awards grants to private non-profit organizations to serve the transportation needs of elderly persons and persons with disabilities. For more information, please go to the Section 5310 website.

Section 5310 subrecipients and tribal transit operators are eligible through a Scholarship Reimbursement Program managed by MnDOT RTAP for travel reimbursements. This reimbursement program is to increase the professional knowledge and expertise through training, workshops and conferences (state or national) that the 5310 transit systems would otherwise may not be able to attend.


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