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Greater Minnesota Shared Mobility Webinars

Welcome to the Greater Minnesota Shared Mobility Webinar produced by the Office of Transit and Active Transportation. This is a monthly series from MnDOT’s Greater Minnesota Shared Mobility Program to help increase the knowledge of shared use technology and services to improve the way Minnesotans move around our state.

Picking the right partner: public transit partnerships with shared mobility providers

Hosted June 16, 2021

This webinar looked at how public transit agencies navigate the benefits and challenges of partnerships with shared mobility providers to introduce new services and innovation.

Our guest speakers shared their experience putting together innovative partnerships:

  • Katherine Conrad, the Director of Client Services at the Ohio Transit Risk Pool and manager of the NEORide program
  • Rob Borowski, the Sustainability Officer at Capital Metro in Austin, TX
  • Creighton Randall, the CEO and Principal Consultant at Mobility Development

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Moving towards driverless: Connected and autonomous vehicles in transit and shared mobility

Hosted May 12, 2021

This webinar looked at how connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) technology is being developed in Minnesota and around the county in a public transit and shared mobility setting as well as the unique needs of rural deployments.

Our guest speakers shared their CAV projects from around the country:

  • Tara Olds, the Deputy Director in MnDOT’s CAV-X Office
  • Rich Granger, the Managing Director of Workforce and Economic Development from the Drive Ohio program at Ohio DOT
  • Ann Foss, a Principal Planner in Office of Strategic Initiatives at the City of Arlington, TX

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One year later: COVID-19, transit, and shared mobility

Hosted April 14, 2021

This webinar was about how COVID-19 has impacted transit and shared mobility over the last year, what changes transportation service providers have made, and how we can plan for the future.

Our guest speakers shared their research and experience so we can adapt the challenges of the pandemic:

  • Dr. Susie Pike from the University of California-Davis
  • Scudder Wagg from Jarrett Walker & Associates
  • Dr. Yingling Fan from the University of Minnesota

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Microtransit: technology for better on-demand service

Hosted February 10, 2021

This webinar was about Microtransit, a form of technology-enabled service model for on-demand and demand response. Transit systems around the country have used Microtransit to roll out innovative new options and improve customer satisfaction with existing services.

Our guest speakers spoke about their innovative Microtransit projects from rural, suburban, and small urban communities around the country:

  • Matt Fyten from Southwest Transit
  • Matthew Brown from the Baldwin County, Alabama BRATS Public Transit system

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Mobility Hubs: creating great space to bring transportation together

Hosted January 13, 2021

This webinar was about Mobility Hubs, a form of place making that allows transit and shared mobility options like car share, bike share, scooters, taxi/TNC pick-up and drop-off, and intercity bus to share space to make non-SOV transportation more convenient.

Our guest speakers spoke about innovative Mobility Hub projects happening in Minnesota and around the country:

  • Jasna Hadzic-Stanek from the City of Minneapolis
  • Andrew Wolpert from the City of Columbus
  • Shannon Crabtree from HourCar

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MaaS: connecting all your transportation in one place

Hosted December 9, 2020

This webinar was about Mobility-as-a-Service, or MaaS, a single platform where residents can plan, book, and track trips for all their transportation options, especially transit and shared mobility. Analogous to Expedia for everyday trips, MaaS offers the potential to increase ridership and allow users to more seamlessly get from point A to B.

These guest speakers helped to understand MaaS, how it can support transit, its potential to improve the mobility of every member of our community, and an update on MaaS projects being developed for Greater Minnesota.

  • Adam Cohen from the Transportation Sustainability Research Center at UC Berkeley
  • Dr. Caroline Rodier from the Institute of Transportation Studies at UC Davis
  • Elliott McFadden from MnDOT’s Office of Transit and Active Transportation

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GTFS: A tool for better transit

Hosted November 17, 2020

This webinar was on the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS), the data standard that allows transit services to be listed on travel planning sites like Google and Apple Maps and apps like Transit and Moovit. This is an important technology for all transit providers to embrace to allow further innovation in services.

These guest speakers presented to help us understand GTFS, how it can help riders plan trips and transit providers improve services, and on some of the tools you can use to implement data feeds for public consumption.

  • Carl Fredlund from MobilityData
  • Matthew Barnes from Oregon DOT
  • Marcy Jaffe from Transnnovation, Inc and head of GTFS Data Management and Support for National RTAP GTFS Builder

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