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MnDOT objectives to facilitate implementation pending further guidance include:

  • June 2013 – Identify methods of integrating freight into the Statewide Plan
  • June 2013 – Statewide freight planning data collection complete
  • September 2013 – Initiate State Freight Plan Update*
  • December 2013 – Study of Truck Parking Availability System on I-94 complete

*Further clarification is needed to meet the requirements of how current policies and strategies guide investment, how the plan will improve the ability of the State to meet the national freight goals, and improvements required to reduce or impede deterioration on routes traveled on by heavy vehicles. These areas will be addressed in the updated State Freight Plan.

USDOT current freight targets


Key milestones



Publication of analysis results and draft designation of the primary freight network


February 2013

Guidance/technical assistance available to State to begin analysis of potential critical rural freight corridors


May 2013

Final designation of the primary freight network, including any additional mileage designated by DOT


October 2013

Request to states to identify critical rural freight corridors

October 2013

Initial designation of full national freight network (including primary freight  network, rest of the Interstate system, critical rural freight corridors)


December 2013

Federal Register Volume 78, No. 25 February 6, 2013 Establishment of the National Freight Network – Planned Schedule

Additional provisions of MAP-21

  • Increased eligibility for truck parking improvements in core federal-aid funding programs
  • For projects with freight significance match on interstate is 95% and potential to reach 90% for any other project
  • Recommends state freight plans and freight advisory committees
  • Requires freight performance goals and measures; annual hours of truck delay and truck reliability index