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Hwy 63 and I-90 interchange improvements

North of Stewartville

About this project

I-494 Ramp Closures
Hwy 63 and I-90 Interchange improvements.
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Summary of work

MnDOT began construction at the I-90 and Hwy 63 interchange just north of Stewartville spring of 2020 and work was completed August 27, 2021. 

The 2-year project addressed several existing conditions including: intersection safety issues, congestion issues, functionally obsolete bridges, inadequate deceleration, acceleration and merge lanes, and sight issues.

During the two-year construction project, both Hwy 63 bridges were replaced, Hwy 30 west rerouted, some I-90 exit ramps were added or realigned and the access to 90th Street SE was closed and rerouted.


  • Closed Hwy 30 access to Hwy 63, the new Hwy 30 follows Olmsted County Rd 8 north to Olmsted County Rd 16 east then to Hwy 63 south
  • Stop sign changes at Hwy 30/ Olmsted County Road 8 – the intersection at Hwy 30 and Olmsted County Road 8 has changed. Motorists on eastbound Hwy 30 need to stop at a stop sign before turning north or south onto Olmsted County Road 8. Motorists on Olmsted County Road 8 do not have a stop sign.
  • Constructed extension of 90th St. SE to the east then north connecting to 85th St. SE
  • Constructed new westbound I-90 entrance ramp further to the north
  • Constructed new loop ramp for westbound I-90 to southbound Hwy 63
  • Constructed new ramp for westbound I-90 to northbound Hwy 63
  • Replaced Hwy 63 bridges, widened for 3 lanes and shoulders, extended acceleration and merge lane for northbound Hwy 63
  • Lengthened deceleration lane for eastbound I-90 exit to northbound Hwy 63
  • Constructed new eastbound I-90 entrance ramp further to the south
  • Closed median south of interchange

Traffic impacts

  • A temporary traffic signal was in place at Schumann Drive on the north end of Stewartville to manage traffic flow and was removed Aug. 26.

Construction stage detour maps