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I-94 and I-35E

St. Paul

Traffic impacts

I-94 and I-35E in St. Paul Project locations map

I-94 and I-35E in St. Paul project location map.

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Lane closures

Sun, July 18 through early November
  • I-94 is reduced to two lanes in both directions between just west of Western Ave. and Saint Peter St.

Ramp closures

Mon, Sept. 20 through early November
  • The following ramps are closed:
    • Marion St./Kellogg Blvd. to WB I-94
    • WB I-94 to Marion St./Kellogg Blvd.
Wed, Aug. 25 through early November
  • The ramp from EB I-94 to 10th St. near downtown St. Paul is closed
Wed, July 21 through early November
  • The following ramps are closed:
    • 12th St. to WB I-94
    • 12th St. to SB I-35E
    • EB I-94 to Marion St.
    • 5th St. to WB I-94
    • EB I-94 to 5th St.
      • Follow the signed detours


Information about upcoming traffic impacts will be posted as details become available. Motorists can expect shoulder and lane closures, ramp closures and traffic shifts on I-35E and I-94, along with multiple weekend full closures.

Road closures

10 p.m. Fri, Oct. 22 through 5 a.m. Mon, Oct. 25
  • WB I-94 is closed between Wabasha St. and Marion St.
    • Detour: I-35E, Hwy 36, and Hwy 280

About this project

Beginning in July 2021, we will repair and resurface I-94 between Western Ave. and Mounds Blvd. and I-35E between I-94 north and University Ave. In addition, we will work on the following ramp bridges:

  • East 12th St. to WB I-94 (over WB I-94)
  • East 12th St. to SB I-35E (over WB I-94)
  • EB I-94 to E 6th St.

In addition, we will resurface the Robert St. bridge over I-35E. The project will address water seepage issues along the westbound side of I-94 through the project area, build new storm water drainage ponds and replace railing on some bridges. Freeway lighting and signs may be replaced if needed.

Construction will progress from west to east and be split into three stages, each with two sub-stages for work on inner and outer lanes. Construction will reduce capacity to two lanes in each direction and require long-term closures of ramps into and out of downtown St. Paul. The construction schedule is subject to change.

  • Stage 1 – Western Ave. to Marion St.: Mid-summer through fall 2021
  • Stage 2 – Marion St. to I-35E.: Spring through mid-summer 2022
  • Stage 3 – I-35E to Mounds Blvd.: Mid-summer through fall 2022

Summary of work

  • Repair and resurface I-94 and I-35E
  • Resurface ramps and frontage roads along I-94
  • Repair drainage and upgrade storm sewers
  • Other bridge rehabilitation work
  • Repair sidewalks and upgrade pedestrian sidewalks and approaches to Americans with Disability Act (ADA) standards