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Feb. 15, 2023

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No travel advised in portions of southcentral Minnesota

High winds and limited visibility create hazardous driving conditions

MANKATO, Minn. – (7 a.m.) The Minnesota Department of Transportation advises no unnecessary travel on state highways in portions of southcentral Minnesota due to high winds and blowing snow causing reduced visibility.

The no travel advisory includes:

  • Highway 4 from Sleepy Eye to Fairfax
  • Highway 68 from Highway 4 to Morgan
  • Highway 14 from Sanborn to Sleepy Eye

No travel advised means that the roadway has deteriorated and/or visibility has been reduced to the point that it is very dangerous to travel; there are reports of intermittent whiteout conditions; and, some weather conditions can be severe enough that road treatments, such as salt or sand, are not effective.

Motorists are advised not to travel in these areas until conditions improve.

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