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MnDOT Policy HR3.8
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Policy statement

It is the policy of the Minnesota Department of Transportation to provide a secure work environment for the employees housed in our many facilities, as well as to provide for the security of the property located in these facilities.

Reason for policy

In 1996 the Deputies' Staff decided to increase security levels at Mn/DOT's Central Office Building and District facilities. This decision was based on an employee survey and other forms of employee feedback, and a general recognition that there was unrestricted access to many Mn/DOT facilities.

Many district offices recognized the need and acted to secure their facilities some time ago.
Many facilities currently are equipped with closed circuit cameras, access cards, ID badges, and
duress buttons. Some already have varying degrees of policies and guidelines, in some cases,
derived from their Violent Incident Response Team (VIRT).

During 1997, a formal study of the security levels at the Transportation Building was conducted.
This resulted in additional measures being adopted to secure the facility. The procedures found
in Attachment A are to help implement those recommendations.

The events of September 11, 2001, showed in a horrific and dramatic way, the threats that do
exist. This single event has done more to raise the level of security concern than any other. The
biggest failure in defense of that attack was compliance. Mn/DOT can afford to become

Who needs to know this policy

  • All MnDOT employees


Capitol Security

A division of the Department of Public Safety, located at room B-4 State Capitol, St. Paul, Minnesota, 55155, which provides security services to capitol complex buildings.

Central Office Transporation Building

Facility located at 395 John Ireland Boulevard, St. Paul, Minnesota, 55155.

Closed Circuit Camera and Duress Button

These tools may be used at the discretion of management for employee identification, safety and security.

Identification Badge, Access Card/Key Card

Issued by an authorized authority, used to identify employees, visitors and allow access into and throughout the

Plant Management

A division of the Department of Administration, managing the Transportation Building, who provide technical, mechanical and other facility and grounds services.

Public Areas

Areas open to the general public without restriction. Examples include entrance lobbies, sidewalks and the cafeteria.


Security Procedures for Transporation Building

  1. Building Access/Security

    1. Access to the Building
      1. The requirements listed below are minimum standards. The Department of Transportation Emergency Response Plan, Annex G, may require additional security measures; as outlined in Response to National Alert Levels. Additional precautions would occur at High (Orange) or Severe (Red) levels.
      2. The Rice Street door on the first floor and the John Ireland Boulevard door on the ground floor will be open to Mn/DOT employees and the public from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.
      3. All other doors to the Transportation Building will be locked to entry from the outside at all times.
      4. Access to doors, other than Rice Street or John Ireland Boulevard, Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., is by using a key card only.
      5. Access after hours and on weekends is through the Rice Street entrance on the first floor. During this time employees:
        1. Must access the building using their key card.
        2. Must us a key card to summon an elevator.
      6. The loading dock will remain locked at all times.
        1. The dock will be equipped with an intercom, closed circuit television camera, and a key card reader.
        2. Access to the building will be allowed by a key card and the intercom.
        3. Vendors will be treated as visitors and must obtain a vendor badge to go beyond the dock area.
        4. Capitol Security officers will not accept nor be responsible for deliveries.
      7. At no time should doors that are supposed to be locked be blocked open.

    2. Access to the Staircases
      1. All staircase doors will be equipped with card readers with the exception of the central staircase on basement, ground, and first floor.
      2. The central staircase doors on the basement, ground, and first floors will remain open at all times.
      3. North, central (Floors 2-8), and south staircase doors will be locked at all times and accessible by key card only.

    3. Access to Elevators
      1. Elevators in the lobbies of the basement, ground and first floor can be accessed by key card or through the use of the intercom to contact security.
      2. Floors two through eight elevators can be accessed without the use of a key card.
      3. Anyone having difficulty using the stairs may sign in and obtain a key card to access the elevators.

    4. Public Events
      1. Non-Mn/DOT events will be scheduled in public areas and not the secured part of the building.
      2. Under no circumstances should non-MnDOT personnel, including families of MnDOT employees, be allowed in the secured parts of the building without an ID badge from the information desk. (See part III. E)

  2. Identification Badges
    1. Access to the building will only be by employee and visitor ID badges.
    2. Employees and visitors must prominently display identification badges while on the premises.
    3. Employees working off-site (e.g. roadway, construction site, etc.) may elect to secure their badge so as to protect it from loss or damage.
    4. Employees are responsible for the replacement cost if badge is lost or destroyed. The established replacement cost is $10.

  3. Responsibilities
    1. Managers/Supervisors
      1. Authorize employees to receive an identification badge.
      2. Authorize issuance of a temporary badges.
      3. Require employees and visitors to prominently display their identification badge.
      4. Determine which employee(s) under their supervision can authorize the entrance of visitors into the building.
      5. Ensure that all equipment, machinery, and records are stored in a safe and secure location. Any loss must be reported immediately to the proper authority.

    2. Office Director Designees
      1. Schedule all employees located at Central Office to receive an identification badge and a key card from Capitol Security.
      2. Check with the employee's supervisor to obtain authorization for a replacement badge and schedule the employee with Capitol Security.
      3. Obtain MnDOT’s identification badge and key card and other property from terminated employees.
      4. Return the identification badge, key card, and any other keys to the Civil Rights and Administrative Services designated authority.

    3. Mn/DOT Homeland Security and Emergency Management
      1. Develop department-wide guidelines and policies on facility security issues.
      2. Provide training on Homeland Security and Emergency Management procedures and processes.

    4. Office of Human Resources and Administration
      1. Act as liaison between Plant Management, Capitol Security and MnDOT’s Central Office.
      2. Coordinate and schedule employees with Capitol Security to receive their ID badge and key cards.
      3. Participate in employee training and new hire orientation, as it pertains to building security.
      4. Update and maintain a security data base.
      5. Coordinate with Office Directors, Designees, and Capitol Security to collect all cards, keys and other equipment upon an employees' termination of employment with MnDOT.
      6. Coordinate with other Metro and District Offices to ensure all employees are provided proper authorization and cards (as required by each location) for secure movement of people and equipment throughout MnDOT's facilities.
      7. Receive completed key card and identification badge requests from office managers.

    5. Employees
      1. Wear the MnDOT identification badge with their picture showing at all times.
      2. If designated, authorize entrance of visitors into the building.
      3. Escort visitors in non-public areas of the building.
      4. If guests are expected, employees must e-mail or call the Information Desk to inform them of the guest visit and provide the guest’s name and expected arrival time. The sponsoring office will also assign someone to greet the guests on the first floor at their expected arrival time. If guests are early, the Information Desk will call to inform of their arrival. Phone, don’t e-mail, the Information Desk if visitors are scheduled to arrive on the same day.
      5. The sponsoring office or employee will escort your guest(s) to the meeting place and back to the Information Desk to return their visitor badge and to check out.
      6. If an unexpected visitor arrives, the Information Desk will try to contact the individual to be visited. If not available, the visitor will not be allowed to proceed into the building.
      7. If a badge is lost or is misplaced:
        1. Report the loss to your office manager.
        2. Sign in at the information desk on the first floor and request a temporary badge. (You may be asked for another form of ID).
        3. Return the temporary badge to the Capitol Security officer at the end of each day.
        4. Employees are responsible for the replacement cost of missing badges.
      8. Upon termination return the badge, key card, and other MnDOT property to the Office Director’s Designee.

    6. Visitors
      1. Must sign in at the information desk located on the first floor of the Transportation Building.
      2. Obtain a visitor's badge from the Information Desk.
      3. Display a visitor's badge while in the building.
      4. Return the badge to the Information Desk and sign out upon departure from the building.
      5. Other DOT Employees (Metro and Districts) and other State Agencies’ employees on the Capitol Complex with a valid DOT badge and CO keycard will sign in but need not to be escorted. Employees without a CO keycard need to sign in and be escorted.
      6. Guests and Customers who use the Cafeteria, Map Sales, Plans & Proposals, and the Credit Union will not be required to sign in and get a visitor’s badge.
      7. Guests who are unable to use the stairs to travel from the ground floor to the first floor Information Desk should proceed to the elevator and use the intercom to notify security of their arrival, or stop at the Information Desk on the ground or first floor and obtain a key card to access the elevators.

    7. Plant Management Section of Department of Administration
      1. In conjunction with State Capitol Security, maintain access cards and access schedules for Plant Management staff.
      2. Notify MnDOT Office of Human Resources and Administration and MnDOT Homeland Security and Emergency Management of schedules and names of all vendors and contractors doing work on or around the Transportation Building in advance.

    8. Capitol Security
      1. Provide employees with ID badges and key cards.
      2. Issue and collect temporary badges.
      3. Provide visitor badges.
      4. Provide 24 hour escort service to and from personal vehicles in the Capitol Complex parking lots.
Emergency Situations

In case of an emergency, or to report a criminal act in the Transportation Building, employees should first call 9-911 and then Capitol Security at 296- 2100.

Emergency phone numbers relating to the Transportation Building are:

  • Police, Fire, Medical 9-911
  • Capitol Security—Emergency 651-296-2100
  • Capitol Security--Non Emergency 651-296-6741
  • Central Office Safety Administrator 651-366-3003
  • Central Office Security Administrator 651-366-3135
  • Facilities Management 651-366-3095
  • Homeland Security and Emergency Mgmt. Dir. 651-366-3364
  • Human Resources and Administration Director 651-366-4818
  • Information Desk 651-296-7063
  • Safety Director 651-366-3075
  • Support Services Director 651-366-3114
  • Transportation Building Security Desk 651-366-3138


Division Directors/Office Directors/Transporation District Engineers

  1. If housed in the Central Office Transportation Building, ensure that the Security Procedures for the Central Office, Attachment A, is understood and followed by the employees under their direction.
  2. If housed in locations other than the Central Office Transportation Building, develop procedures to govern:
    1. The security of employees and property located in facilities under their direction, which may include employee identification badges.
    2. Procedures for entrance of all visitors, including media, vendors, employee family members, MnDOT employees from other locations and state employees from other agencies to facilities under their direction; which shall include signing in and obtaining a visitor’s badge.
    3. Providing an escort to visitors while in MnDOT buildings.
    4. Ensuring all employees attend Homeland Security Awareness Training for Employees, NIMS 700, and other security related training as needed or directed.
      NOTE: Other Central Office employees and other Mn/DOT employees who make frequent visits to the Central Office Transportation Building with approval of their Office Director/District Engineer, may request, and be issued an identification badge and key card.
  3. Follow any special procedures for access of key vendors and individuals making routine authorized visits to the Central Office Transportation Building, or other MnDOT facilities.
  4. Provide for the security of all MnDOT machinery, equipment and records housed in the facilities under their jurisdiction.
  5. Follow procedures for the current state of the national homeland security threat level.

Mn/DOT Homeland Security & Emergency Management

  1. As requested provide assistance to Division/Office Directors /Transportation District Engineers housed in other than the Central Office Transportation Building in employee/property security.
  2. Develop Department-wide guidelines and policies on facility security issues.


  1. If housed in the Central Office Transportation Building, follow the Security Procedures for the Central Office (Attachment A).
  2. If housed in another facility follow the security procedures for that facility developed under the provisions of II.A.2 above.
  3. Offer assistance to any person who is in the MnDOT facility without a badge, if a badge is required.
  4. Secure all equipment, machinery and records (electronic and hard copy) in their possession. Report loss immediately to the proper authority. Complete Department of Administration form number 782, "Stolen, Missing, or Damaged Property Report."
  5. Not share their access card with other employees.


  1. Sign in, obtain and display an identification badge on their person while in the facility as required by Mn/DOT policy.
  2. Be escorted while in non-public areas in the facility.
  3. Return the badge upon departure from building.

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