Minnesota Department of Transportation

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Connected and Automated Vehicles


Kristin White
Connected and Automated Vehicles Executive Director
Email: kristin.white@state.mn.us
Phone: 651-234-7051

Technical project management

Cory Johnson
ITS Program Manager
Email: cory.johnson@state.mn.us      
Phone: 651-234-7062

Rashmi Brewer
Project Manager
Email: rashmi.brewer@state.mn.us    
Phone: 651-234-7063

Dan Rowe
Project Manager
Email: daniel.rowe@state.mn.us       
Phone: 651-234-7059

Michael Kronzer
Project Manager
Email: michael.kronzer@state.mn.us 
Phone: 651-234-7064

Kevin Chan
Electrical Engineer
Email: kevin.chan@state.mn.us
Phone: 651-234-7383

Daniel Rokenbrodt
Graduate Engineer
Email: daniel.rokenbrodt@state.mn.us
Phone: 651-234-7375 

Engagement and communications

Keith Mensah
Public Engagement Coordinator
Email: keith.mensah@state.mn.us     
Phone: 651-234-7043