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Contract final process

In accordance with 2014 Standard Specifications and later editions

The Contract Final Process has changed significantly in accordance with the Standard Specifications for construction 2014 Edition. For Contracts let under previous editions of the spec book, see previous Contract Administration Manuals for final guidance.

The two specifications governing the final process are 1516 and 1908.


Partial Acceptance After completing a substantial and discrete portion of Work, the Contractor may request the Engineer to inspect that portion.  If the Engineer determines that the portion of the Work is complete in accordance with the Contract requirements, the Engineer may accept the completed portion in writing.  Partial acceptance relieves the Contractor of further responsibility for maintenance of that portion of Work, but does not invalidate or alter the terms of the Contract.


Project construction complete, Contractor requests inspection, Engineer inspects, back and forth until Engineer satisfied, then Engineer writes letter of project acceptance. Note: Federal Inspection should be completed prior to 1516.2.


Upon 1516.2 project acceptance, Engineer creates Semi-final estimate (an actual pay estimate) this would be in place of the draft final that is sent by some now (items should be certified, but not required as they still may have some temporary withholding at this time). The Engineer sends the semi-final estimate for payment and requirements letter to the Contractor and Contract Payments Group (CPG).

1516.3 Completion of Work

The Contractor must satisfy the requirements for 1516.3, as addressed in the requirements letter, in order for the Work to be completed to the satisfaction of the Engineer. Special Provisions will typically require 1516.3 to be accomplished within 90 calendar days after receipt of 1908.2 Semi-final estimate by the Contractor.


When the Contractor has satisfied the requirements of 1516.3 the 90-day clock is triggered for MnDOT to generate the final voucher (180 days if the original contract is over $2,000,000 by special provision). (This is not what we typically refer to as the 90 day clock). The Engineer will produce the final voucher with the certificate of final acceptance and 1908.3 Final letter of instruction and send it to the Contractor and CPG. If the Contractor does not take action in accordance with MN Statute 161.34 or sign the Cert of final acceptance within 90 days or receipt, MnDOT will deem the Certificate accepted.

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