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Hwy 169/210—Aitkin to north of Hassman

Aitkin County

About this project

Plans are underway to reconstruct and widen shoulders on Hwy 169/210 from the Ripple River bridge east of 2nd Ave NE in Aitkin to the Mississippi River bridge north of Hassman, Aitkin County. Work is scheduled for 2022.

Project location map
Future project on Hwy 169/210. Click map for larger PDF version.

Summary of work

  • Reconstruct 11 miles of road surface with a stronger, concrete overlay material
  • Widen the shoulders, lengthen turn lanes
    and improve road access
  • Repair or replace drainage infrastructure
  • Reconstruct bridge drainage ditch


Address the deteriorating pavement and narrow shoulders along this heavily traveled commercial and recreational route on Hwy 169/210, which averages 2,350 to 4,400 vehicles per day. Traffic approaches 8,400 vehicles per day within the City of Aitkin. The narrow shoulders are two feet wide, and are below today’s standard in providing adequate maneuverability and safety.

Future traffic impacts

  • Segments of road closures with detours

More information to become available when closer to construction.