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Hwy 87

Frazee to the Becker/Wadena county line

Upcoming traffic impacts

Highway 87 is reduced to one lane near the Toad River. Obey the stop and take-turns signs and travel with caution, as heavy equipment is staged in the ditch.

The lane closure is part of an effort from the Minnesota Department of Transportation to seal an artesian well that’s located on MnDOT right of way along Highway 87 near Toad River.

Project information

Project limits for Hwy 87

MnDOT will complete two related projects on Hwy 87 in the Frazee area in 2020/2021 and 2022.


Frazee to Menagha
North River Drive in Frazee to Evergreen
  • Robust resurfacing (reclaim)
  • Shoulder widening, with 8 additional feet on each side of the highway
  • Centerline and box culvert replacements and improvements
Evergreen to the Becker/Wadena county line
  • Robust resurfacing (cold-in-place recycling)
  • Culvert work and improvements


North River Drive in Frazee to the south side of the Hwy 10 interchange
  • Resurfacing
  • ADA/sidewalk improvements
  • Shared use path on the west side of Hwy 87
  • Slight realignment of Hwy 87 centerline to the southeast to accommodate the shared use path
  • Parking restrictions
  • Railroad signal modifications
  • Grade correction near Town Lake
Maple Avenue to Second Street SW
  • City utility replacement (city cost)

Americans with Disabilities Act

Accessibility and state highway projects

All MnDOT projects--both new construction and rehabilitation projects-- must include an evaluation to ensure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Components can include, but are not limited to adding curb cuts, truncated domes and accessible pedestrian signals. Read about MnDOT's transition plan to comply with the ADA.

Specifics for this project

This project includes pedestrian accessibility improvements such as curb cuts and truncated domes. A shared-use trail is also included with the project.