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Hwy 52 Southbound Improvements



Short list of contractors:

The project is a design-build project, which means we are using a contracting process that brings designers and contractors together early in the detail design portion of a project. The owner clearly defines the standards and general specifications they expect for a project, and the design-build team works together to satisfy those requirements. MnDOT uses the flexibility design-build offers to maximize the value received per dollar spent in a variety of situations.

The project’s short list of contractors is:

  • Ames Team
  • Mathiowetz Construction Company
  • Michels Corporation
  • Shafer Contracting Team

Each team will be submitting their plans in February based on MnDOT’s request for proposals (RFPs) and the contract letting is scheduled for Feb. 24, when one team will be selected for the project.

A process of approval and design work will begin, and then construction is expected to begin in fall of 2021.

Other developments have occurred this fall, including:

Park and ride

Recently the Goodhue County Board discussed and voted to move ahead with the Goodhue County plan for a park and ride in Hader that will be part of the project. They also discussed the planned realignment of Goodhue County Road 14.

Goodhue County Road 7

Due to rising costs and fiscal constraints, the Minnesota Department of Transportation is removing the planned work at Goodhue County Road 7/Sherwood Trail and in the vicinity from the Highway 52 Southbound Improvement Project. Under the project, the County 7/Sherwood Trail intersection will be left “as is".

Additionally, MnDOT will remove planned median work and acceleration lanes at this intersection, along with “J-turns” and the repaving of northbound Highway 52. The nearby 165th Ave. intersection will remain as it is currently aligned.

This will not change the planned construction timelines to begin later in 2021, including specific plans for reconstruction of the southbound lanes and construction of an interchange at Hwy 57/County 8. MnDOT anticipates discussions with Goodhue County on possible future work at Goodhue County 7, also known as Welch Village Road.

About this project

Hwy 52 southbound improvements project map
Hwy 52 southbound improvements project map

The Highway 52 corridor has been identified in several major transportation planning studies for improvements.  One of them, the Highway 52 Interregional Corridor Management Plan, prompted the development of a vision to transition the highway to a freeway design with no direct access.

In 2017, MnDOT received additional highway funds from the Minnesota Legislature.  Through public outreach, the public and those who have an interest or concern with our highways, were asked what their priorities would be if changes could be made.

From that input, MnDOT developed investment priorities and selected a section of southbound Highway 52 to receive improvements.

The project follows along Highway 52, from roughly 2 miles south of Cannon Falls and ends about 2 miles north of Zumbrota. 

MnDOT is proposing the bridges at Highway 52 and Highway 60, both east and west, in Zumbrota to be replaced. 

The junction of Highway 57/Goodhue County Road 8 and Highway 52 in Hader is being designated for an interchange.  During the design stage of the project, more safety and access management may be looked at and added.

Project schedule (tentative, subject to change)

  • Preliminary design - summer of 2018 through the Fall/Winter of 2019.
  • Construction - fall of 2021
  • Completion - fall of 2023

Traffic impacts

Current traffic impacts

  • No current traffic impacts