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Hwy 212 & Hwy 22

Glencoe Transportation Study

Purpose of study

Complete a transportation study that reflects the current and future transportation systems needs for the Glencoe area, develop a set of recommendations and review the local road network.

Study goals

  1. Improve the safety of intersections along Hwy 212 and Hwy 22
  2. Improve safety for pedestrians and bicyclists along Hwy 212 and Hwy 22
  3. Develop a plan that outlines appropriate access along Hwy 212 and Hwy 22
  4. Study the current route of Hwy 22 in Glencoe

Study phases

The Glencoe Transportation Study was conducted in 3 phases from December 2018 through December 2019:

  1. Identify transportation issues and set priorities
  2. Develop and evaluate ideas
  3. Develop a transportation plan

Engaging the community

Gaining input from the community was a critical component of the transportation study. There were various opportunities for the public to participate throughout the study both in-person and on-line. Visit the community feedback tab for detailed information on public participation efforts.

Recommendations for safety improvements on Hwy 212

  1. Construct a J-turn at Hwy 212 and Chandler Ave (draft images below)


Jturn at Hwy 212 and Chandler Ave






2. Construct a single lane roundabout at Morningside Dr. (draft image below)

single lane roundabout at Hwy 212 and Morningside Dr.







3. Keep all turns to and from Hwy 212 at Falcon Ave.

4. Close the median at CR 69 allowing only right-turns to and from Hwy 212

Hwy 212 next steps

This study can be used to apply for safety funding for recommended Hwy 212 safety improvements and assist the City of Glencoe and McLeod County in long-term transportation decision making. MnDOT District 8 has submitted the single lane roundabout at Hwy 212 & Morningside Dr. and the J-turn at Hwy 212 & Chandler Ave. for Highway Safety Improvement Program funding. Awards should be announced in the spring of 2020.


Hwy 22 route considerations

This study reviewed the route Hwy 22 takes through Glencoe. Key needs and considerations were identified and prioritized for Hwy 22. For more information on Hwy 22 route considerations visit the Hwy 22 route tab.

The community identified five priorities for a Hwy 22 route

  1. Is direct and less confusing
  2. Improves overall safety
  3. Serves both personal and commercial drivers
  4. Reduces truck traffic in town
  5. Accommodates future growth on the east side of town

The community also identified the following needs for a Hwy 22 route

  1. Doesn't increase traffic in residential areas
  2. Doesn't increase traffic in school zones
  3. Minimizes the need to build new roads
  4. Improves conditions for walks and bikers

Based on input, planning-level engineering analysis, as well as information from previous studies, ten routes were identified for consideration. Using the priorities above, ten routes were reduced to four routes (image below) for further consideration and evaluation.



remaining routes









A full environmental review was not completed when evaluating a potential change to the route of Hwy 22. Determining the level of environmental review is the next step for Hwy 22 in Glencoe. A risk assessment was completed relative to potential impact. The potential risks are summarized in the table below.

Potential Impacts Route 2 Route 3 Route 5 Route 7
Right-of-Way (property/land that would need to be purchased) Moderate Moderate High Moderate
Drainage Moderate Moderate High Moderate
Wetlands Moderate Low Low Low
National Protected Areas (parks, wildlife refuges, etc.) Low Low Low Low
State Protected Areas (water trail, forest, park, trail) Low Low Low Low
Wildlife Management Areas Low Low High Low

Hwy 22 next steps

The next step in the Hwy 22 route discussion is to secure funding to complete an environmental assessment, which is required by the federal government. In addition to securing funding to complete the federally required environmental assessment, funding for preliminary design and construction would need to be obtained. Currently, there is no funding to complete the environmental assessment, preliminary design or construction.