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Hwy 23 North Gap

Paynesville to Richmond

About this project

Map of 4 lane gaps on Hwy 23
Hwy 23 gaps. View full-size map.
  • Expansion of Hwy 23 from Paynesville to Richmond from two-lanes to four-lanes


Date Description
Spring 2022 Start of construction
October 2019 Public Open House #6
May 2018 Received $94.5 million in Corridors of Commerce funding for construction of North and South Gap projects
Dec 2017 MnDOT issues Findings of Fact and Conclusion document
Nov 2017 Public Open House #5
Jan - Dec 2017 Finalize environmental review and hold public hearing
Jan 2017 Public Open House #4
May 2016 Public Open House #3
Feb - May 2016 Finalized preferred alternative
Dec 2015 Public Open House #2
Sept 2015 Public Open House #1
Sept - Dec 2015 Prepare and analyze alignment alternatives
Summer 2015 Gather data (surveys, field reviews, location studies, etc.)
June 2015 Begin environmental review


Hwy 23 is an important interregional corridor that is a key artery for the economy in the region. It provides the primary east-west route connecting Willmar to Interstate 94 and beyond. The segment of Hwy 23 between Willmar and Interstate 94 is a distance of approximately 53 miles. Of these 53 miles, all but 16 miles have been constructed as a four lane roadway.


All current layouts can be found under the heading of current layouts, located on this page. The CR 114/246th Ave. layout has been added as of February 4, 2021. This change has been made to reduce the number of potential crash points at intersections that intersect with Hwy 23, to remove a horizontal curve on the County Road realignment and reduce the length of County Road realignment needed.