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Equipment Purchasing Guidelines

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Equipment Purchasing Guidelines

Equipment can be purchased by MnDOT (via purchase order) or by the contractor (via equipment costs included within the contract). MnDOT purchase orders are the preferred method of purchase due to clear ownership title and inventory. The method used for equipment purchase will be determined on a case-by-case basis considering, but not limited to, the following factors:

  1. Will the equipment be installed permanently into the road infrastructure?
  2. Can the equipment be used for other locations or projects?
  3. Will there be multiple purchases of equipment throughout the contract?
  4. Is the equipment needed to implement or further the objectives of the research?

The method used to purchase the equipment must be approved by the Research Services Director.

If the equipment is purchased by the contractor and it is to be retained by MnDOT, language will be incorporated into the Work Order Contract under section titled: Additional Provisions.

Example Language: MnDOT will retain ownership of (description of equipment) purchased under this Agreement, following completion of this project.

Purchased equipment will be at the most competitive price(s) available to the Institution and will require supportive documentation for equipment purchases including Price/Make/Model/Serial numbers over $500 or as defined in your Master Academic Contract.

Title and disposition equipment: At the request of MnDOT, the Institution must provide a complete list of all equipment purchased under any Work Order Contracts and its current location and status by April 15 of each year.

MnDOT does not bear the risk of loss or damages to apparatus or equipment purchased under this project.

All Proposals with equipment in the MnDOT will retain ownership of the monitoring and measurement gear, including probes, data loggers and time lapse cameras, purchased under this Agreement, following completion of this project budget must include justification for the purchase.

Computer and software are considered equipment only when the value is $5,000 or more and it has a useful life of at least two years from the time the contract expires.

Last revised: 1/31/2017