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Data Products

Due to the LRS project, internal route updates have not been made on these PDF products since 2013.

The most comprehensive way to view the traffic data below (including AADT/HCAADT):
Traffic Mapping Application

Title Year(s) File
AADT GIS Shapefile 1992-2017 ZIP
AADT Municipality Maps 1999-2017 PDF
AADT Twin Cities Metro Maps PDF
AADT County Maps 1999-2017 (alphabetically, index map) PDF
The LRS project has frozen the route data since January 2014 and a new 2015 file will not be produced. New reporting tools will be coming online in 2017 to replace this functionality. Until then please use the Traffic Mapping Application and/or contact our section.
ATR/WIM Station List Current, Retired XLSX
ATR/WIM Location Maps Greater MN:
Metro Area:
Wavetronix SmartSensor Station List Current XLSX
Wavetronix SmartSensor Location Map Current PDF
Retired ATR/WIM Location Maps Greater MN, Metro Area PDF
ATR/WIM Monthly Volume Reports 2015 to date PDF
ATR/WIM Historical AADT Table 2003-2017 PDF
ATR/WIM MADT Comparison Report PDF
ATR/WIM Highest Hourly Volume Report PDF
ATR/WIM Hourly Volume Reports 2002-2017 TXT
ATR/WIM Year-to-Year Percent Change of AADT Maps 2016-2017: Greater MN, Metro Area
ATR Percent Change of AADT Maps 2007-2017: Greater MN, Metro Area
Qualification Notes for ATR/WIM Locations PDF
Continuous Traffic Recorder Report PDF
Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) Reports (links to Roadway Data Products page) 1988-2017 PDF/XLS
Title Year(s) File
HCAADT GIS Shapefile 1994-2012, 2016-2017 ZIP
ATR/WIM Monthly Vehicle Classification Reports 2015 to date
Determination of Seasonal Adjustment Factors for Vehicle Classification Counts 2011 PDF
Yearly Volume Trends With Truck Distribution 2006-2017: PDF/HTML
Vehicle Classification Scheme Current PDF
Vehicle Classification Counts Timetable 1992-2016 XLSX
Title Year(s) File
WIM Monthly Station Reports 2015 to date
Definitions of Visual Classification of Heavy Commercial Vehicles Current PDF
Vehicles Over 150,000 pounds at WIM Sites 2016 to date PDF
Using WIM Systems for Screening Prior to Weight Enforcement Current PDF
WIM Location Map Current PDF
Title Year(s) File
Minnesota Equivalent Single Axle Load (MnESAL) Traffic Forecasting Tool Current XLSM
MnDOT Procedure Manual for Forecasting Traffic on Minnesota's Highway Systems 2012 PDF
Determination of the Amount of Historical Traffic Volume Data to be Used to Forecast Future Volumes 2010 PDF
Vehicle Classification Groupings for Forecasting Current PDF
Forecast Tabulation 2008-2018 XLSX

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