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Oversize/Overweight Permits

Determine if you need a permit

Generally speaking, you will need and oversize/overweight permit when vehicle and load dimensions exceed:

Dimension Size/Weight
Width 8’ - 6”
Height 13’ - 6”
Length 45’ - 0” (Single vehicles)
75’ - 0” (Combination vehicles)
Weight 80,000 lbs

A permit is not needed:

  • When hauling utility poles (over-length only)
  • Driving or towing implements of husbandry (e.g. farm equipment) at speeds less than 30 miles per hour. No interstate travel is allowed
  • Through a governor's order or disaster relief

Pre-trip route survey

You will need a pre-trip route survey when an oversized load exceeds 16 feet high and/or 20 feet wide. You may also need a pre-trip route survey for excessive length.

Temporary weight increase permits

Having an oversize/overweight permit does not increase your vehicle’s registered weight. You can get a temporary weight increase permit from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.

Escort vehicles

In general, you will need an escort vehicle when overall width exceeds 14' - 6" and under certain conditions.