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Hwy 10—west and east of Royalton

Morrison and Benton counties

About this project

Resurface and improve both directions of Hwy 10 (nine miles each way) from west of Royalton to Iris Rd. near Little Falls; and east of Royalton to the Halfway Crossing, includes a J-turn at the Halfway Crossing (Benton Co. Rd. 40).

Project location map - Hwy 10 Little Falls to south east of Royalton
Hwy 10 project area. Select map image to enlarge

Summary of work

  • Resurface both directions of Hwy 10
  • Install a J-turn at the Halfway Crossing (Co. Rd. 40):
    • Close and remove the median crossover
    • Lengthen turn lanes
    • Update lighting
  • Replace drainage pipes/culverts

Note: Scope of work through Royalton is yet to be determined and will not be apart of this 2027 project.

2027 work zone

Hwy 10 will be reduced to one lane in each direction through the work zone. Traffic will shift to either side of the road as crews work on the adjacent side.

Access to businesses and residents along Hwy 10 will be maintained; however expect changes and use of alternate accesses.

Hwy 10 rural segments Resurface method Impacts
Resurface eastbound Cold in-place recycle Head-to-head on westbound
Resurface westbound Stabilized full-depth reclaim Head-to-head on eastbound

More details to become available closer to construction.

Defined: Cold In-Place Recycle (CIR) often refers to reclaiming and recycling the majority of the existing asphalt concrete layer(s); whereas, Full-depth reclamation (FDR) often refers to recycling all existing asphalt concrete layer(s) as well as a significant portion of the underlying layers. Both pave a new layer of asphalt road surface on top.

MnDOT will install a J-turn at this busy intersection of Hwy 10 and the Halfway Crossing/Benton Co. Rd. 40. When complete in 2027 motorists will turn right and make a U-turn at the next median access.

J-turns are driving movements proven to reduce serious and fatal crashes caused by “T-bone” crashes at intersections. When using J-turns, drivers focus on one direction of traffic at a time. Learn more about J-turn benefits in Minnesota

How to navigate illustration
Future Hwy 10 J-turn illustration at the Halfway Crossing. Select image to enlarge.

How to use J-turns

  1. Stop and yield to vehicles in both lanes to your left
  2. Crossover into the lane in the median
  3. Yield to vehicles in both lanes to your right
  4. Make a U-turn and head towards your destination
  5. Either continue through the intersection or turn right