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TNM 2.5 (effective July 10, 2017)

TNM 2.5 is available for download here.


Important notice regarding data limits of MINNOISEV3 (Sept. 22, 2011)

The system based problem with the increased input in MINNOISEV3 has been corrected and the corrected model is renamed MINNOISEV31. MINNOISEV31 has upper input data limits as follows: 

  • Roadways: 60 Roads with 25 Segments
  • Barriers: 40 Barriers with 40 Segments
  • Receivers: 80 Receivers

Questions or comments about MINNOISEV31 or MINNOPTV31. Contact: 

Mel Roseen
MnDOT Statewide Noise Analysis


MnDOT now uses a noise model named MINNOISEV31 rather than the previous version MINNOISE. MINNOISE was a STAMINA based noise model that was modified to use MnDOT heavy truck emission levels and allowed the use of noise berms as well as noise walls. The new model MINNOISEV31 is the same as MINNOISE except that input limits for roadways, barriers and receivers were increased. The new limits can be found in the USERGUIDE referred to below.


MnDOT now makes available a noise barrier design aid program named MINNOPTV31. This program allows the evaluation of different noise barrier height and length configurations, as well as levels due to the specified ground lines at the base of a noise barrier. Additionally a $20 PSF option is now available. As the program MINNOPTV31 is greatly modified from the program OPTIMA described in the USERGUIDE, it might be best to contact MnDOT directly for any clarification of usage directions..


The STAMINA/OPTIMA user guide now contains an errata sheet that discusses the changed input limits used in MINNOISEV31.