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MnDOT Organizational Structure

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July 2022 Nancy Daubenberger Commissioner Kim Collins Deputy Commissioner & Chief Administrative Officer Josh Knatterud-Hubinger Chief Financial Officer Sam Brown Finance Bob Bennett MnIT Chief Business Technology Officer, Transportation Erik Rudeen Government Affairs Levi Brown Tribal Affairs Karin van Dyck Assistant Commissioner Workforce and Agency Services Cori Calhoun, Assistant DD Suzie Sievers Administration Cindy Gross Human Resources Heidi Henry Audit Jean Wallace Deputy Commissioner & Chief Engineer Vacant Jon Solberg, Assistant DD Assistant Commissioner Sustainability, Planning, and Program Management Philip Schaffner Transportation System Management Sarah Ghandour Transit and Active Transportation Shelly Meyer Freight & Commercial Vehicle Operations Ryan Gaug Aeronautics Katie Walker Research & Innovation Kristine Elwood Ted Schoenecker, Assistant DD Assistant Commissioner State Aid and Statewide Radio Communications Jay Owens State Aid Shane Chatleain Statewide Radio Communications Michael Beer Lynn Clarkowski, Assistant DD Assistant Commissioner Engineering Services Ed Lutgen Bridge Tom Styrbicki Project Management & Tech Support Paul Johns Construction & Innovative Contracting Marni Karnowski Environmental Stewardship Joe Pignato Land Management Curt Turgeon Materials & Road Research Jay Hietpas Assistant Commissioner Operations Chris Roy, Assistant DD Jeff Perkins, Assistant DD Duane Hill District 1 JT Anderson District 2 Mike Ginnaty District 3 Shiloh Wahl District 4 Mark Schoenfelder District 6 Greg Ous District 7 Jon Huseby District 8 Khani Sahebjam Metro District Brian Sorenson Traffic Engineering Brian Kary Transportation System Management and Operations Jed Falgren Maintenance Sustainability and Public Health Amber Dallman Sara Severs Chief of Staff Chris Krueger Communications and Public Engagement Sean Skibbie Civil Rights Seema Desai Equity & Diversity Vacant Organizational Planning & Management Craig Gustafson Chief Counsel Chief Counsel Office Direct Report to Commissioner Direct Access to Commissioner Agency Connection to MnIT

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