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April 4, 2024

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MnDOT revises speed limits on Highway 91 from Iowa to Russel

WILLMAR, Minn. – Motorists traveling on Highway 91 in southwestern Minnesota will soon see revised speed limits, according to the Minnesota Department of Transportation. Starting April 11, MnDOT will increase the speed of Highway 91, in rural locations from Iowa to Russell, to 60 miles per hour. The revised speed limit is not effective until the new signs have been posted.

As MnDOT incorporates additional safety treatments with its road construction projects, treated highways are reviewed one to two years after construction to determine if a highway’s safety performance would support an increased speed limit. The results of these treatments and post-construction analysis led to Highway 91 receiving an increased speed limit.
MnDOT has analyzed state highways which were previously raised to 60 miles per hour and found the increased speed limits had a minimal effect on crash rates and operating speeds.

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