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Approved/Qualified Products

Temporary crash cushions

This list is for Temporary Traffic Control applications only. For permanent applications, see the Roadside Barrier product's crash cushions APL webpage.

  1. Crash Cushions shall have a FHWA Hardware Eligibility Letter certifying that the product meets MASH-16, TL-3 or higher.
  2. End user shall assume all responsibility for proper application and adherence to manufacturer's installation instructions.
Product Manufacturer Approval Date
Smart Cushion® SCI100GM Hill & Smith Inc. 12/18/2019
ABSORB-M System Lindsay Transportation Solutions 12/18/2019
CrashGard® Sand Barrel System PSS 7/9/2020
Hercules T-3 crash cushion SMA Road Safety s.r.l. 9/29/2021
Big Sandy® TrafFix Devices, Inc. 12/18/2019
SLED™ TrafFix Devices, Inc. 12/18/2019
QuadGuard Elite M10 & M10 Wide Trinity Highway Products, LLC 8/4/2020