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Flagger - Train the Trainer

This is a specialized course used to qualify contractor's personnel to train employees to act as flaggers on MnDOT construction projects. Attendees will meet MnDOT's flagger training requirements contained in the traffic control special provisions. The course includes review of Field Manual flagger requirements and related layouts, discussion of safe practices, flagger attire, and flagger responsibilities.


Classes are completed for 2024. Flagger Train the Trainer 2025 qualification classes will be announced in December 2024.


Once the flagger is trained, the trainer will sign, date, and enter their qualification number into the card located in the back of their flagger’s handbook. 

How often you train your flaggers is up to the contractor. It is recommended that flaggers are trained every year. By training your flaggers every year your records reflect current training dates and flaggers would be up to date on any changes in procedures.

Training contractors

Not all employees from your company need to be trained as flagger trainers. The ones who have gone through the course may train personnel to act as flaggers on MnDOT construction projects.

Other flagger training

At this time MnDOT does not recognize other states flagger certifications or other organizations flagger training programs including online training. To fulfill MnDOT’s traffic control special provision you must be trained by a MnDOT qualified flagger trainer when working on MnDOT projects.  

Training others

If you are a MnDOT Qualified Flagger Trainer you may train other flaggers for other companies. This would be an agreement between you and the company. However, you are not training them to be a qualified flagger trainer. Only MnDOT can provide this specialized training.

Qualification expiration

Qualification is valid for five years. Your qualification card will list your expiration date or you can view our Qualified Flagger Trainer list.


You can requalify for the requalification online class. There is no cost and takes about 15-20 minutes. Requalification is valid for five years.

Lost or misplaced flagger trainer qualification card