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2021 Training class announcements will be posted after October 1, 2020

Training classes

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The following is a list of Work Zone Safety and Specialty classes
that will be offered this coming training season.

Flagger Train the Trainer

This course is used to qualify contractor's personnel to train employees to act as flaggers on MnDOT construction projects. Attendees will meet requirements of the new MnDOT flagger training language contained in the traffic control special provisions. The course includes review of Field Manual flagger requirements and related layout, discussion of safe practices, flagger attire, and flagger responsibilities.

Public Registration taken through Minnesota Asphalt Pavement Association
MnDOT personnel register through the Learning Center

MnDOT St. Cloud Office and Training Center (Map)

MnDOT Training & Conference Center (Map)

More information and checklist

Flagger Train the Trainer Re-qualification Online

You can re-qualify for the Flagger Train the Trainer class online. A link to the online re-qualification site is provided below. There is no cost to complete the online class. The site includes an e-learning presentation and short questionnaire. It take about 15-20 minutes to review this material.
Flagger Train the Trainer Online Re-Qualification Class

Traffic Control Overview

This one day course provides an introduction to the Traffic Control Supervisor (TCS) training.  Each topic discussed is a condensed version of what is taught in the TCS training.  This is NOT a certification course and does not fulfill MnDOT’s traffic control supervisor language contained in the traffic control special provision. This is a not a prerequisite to MnDOT's TCS training, but an option for individuals who are new to traffic control.

Recommended for field workers, project level engineers, supervisors, MnDOT traffic engineers, inspectors, local agencies and engineering consultants. Students will be exposed to traffic control special provisions standard language, 2018 Field Manual updates, long term traffic control, temporary barriers, work zone speed limits, drop off policy, signing, temporary/interim pavement markings, portable changeable message signs and pedestrian and bicycles accessibility in work zones. 

MnDOT Training & Conference Center (Map)

MnDOT Traffic Control Supervisor

This three day training course (PDF) is designed for Traffic Control Supervisors who will be working in Minnesota on state projects and are required to fulfill the MN DOT Traffic Control Supervisor language contained in the traffic control special provisions. Attendees will meet requirement of the MN DOT Traffic Control Supervisor language contained in the traffic control special provisions in the contract for selected jobs. Topics covered in the course will include principles and setup of temporary traffic controls, summary of traffic control special provisions for MnDOT projects and will make use of actual traffic control plans. Other subjects covered are work zone speed limits, use of portable concrete barrier and worker present speed limit. It is strongly recommended that attendees have a minimum of two years traffic control experience before registering for this class.

Limit registrations to 5 students per company per class.

MnDOT Training & Conference Center (Map)

MnDOT St. Cloud Office and Training Center (Map)

MnDOT Traffic Control Supervisor Recertification

Please Note:  All participants must have successfully passed the MnDOT Traffic Control Supervisor Certification within the last 5 years.

MnDOT's current list of certified Traffic Control Supervisors

This one day training course is designed for those who have been certified as MnDOT Traffic Control Supervisors and need to renew their certification. Classroom lecture will focus on the latest changes in technology and specifications related to Traffic Control. Upon passing a written examination students will maintain their certification.

MnDOT Traffic Control Supervisor On-line Recertification

Class dates: To be announced after October 1, 2020

Registration are being processed by Lake Superior College for the on-line recertification classes. To register for Traffic Control Supervisor Re-cerification E-Learning, please call 218-733-7680 or email shannon.wark@lsc.edu Click here for information on the on-line recertification classes.

MnDOT personnel register through the Learning Center (CONS00078)

**Please note that your Work Zone Safety and Specialty Training Certification ID number is different than your Tech Cert ID number.

Other Traffic Control Classes

Orientation to Work Zone Safety

The online tutorial was designed to provide work-zone employees with an understanding of the most basic aspects of safety in a work zone and encourage them to develop safe habits. It begins with how a worker should prepare before entering the work zone, and it doesn't end until the worker is off site and out of the work-zone area.

Work-Zone Traffic Control Seminar

This three hour seminar provides an overview of basic traffic control procedures for short term work zones. The latest in traffic control devices and safety devices are presented, including several unique approaches to traffic control and methods for reducing risk and liability. The class is offered through the U of M Center for Transportation Studies and Minnesota LTAP (Local Technical Assistance Program).

ATSSA Traffic Control Technician and Supervisor

The one-day ATSSA Traffic Control Technician (TCT) - MN State Specific course provides an introduction to temporary traffic control in work zones for individuals who work in the field installing and removing traffic control devices. It teaches concepts, techniques and practices in the installation, and maintenance of traffic control devices.

The ATSSA Traffic Control Supervisor (TCS) - MN State Specific course is a 2-day course designed for individuals who supervise traffic control technicians and other field personnel. It provides comprehensive training on work zone standards, guidelines, installation and removal procedures, inspection, documentation and supervisory skills. This course is now accepted to fulfill the MN DOT Traffic Control Supervisor language contained in the traffic control special provisions. ATSSA Traffic Control Technician is a prerequisite to this course.

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