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About the Project

Highway 34 construction in Akeley between Hillside Avenue and Sherer Avenue is slated for construction in 2023
Highway 34 project in Akeley is scheduled for construction in 2023
Layout showing what the completed corridor will look like. This map zooms in to show the block between Marie Avenue and Graceson Avenue.
An example of what the corridor will look like between Graceson Ave and Marie Ave/Hwy 64 when complete with new sidewalks, boulevards and trees. The tree's will be planted seperately in 2024.

Hwy 34 in Akeley is scheduled for construction in the summer of 2023. The project requires a detour and will reconstruct the corridor through Akeley, it includes resurfacing work west of Franklin Ave.

Urban Reconstruct

  • Between Hillside Ave and Franklin Ave
    • Reconstruct the highway, reducing the current pavement width by about 30 feet
    • Addition of Boulevard spacing between driving surface and sidewalks
    • Sidewalk replacement
    • Turning improvements at the intersection with Hwy 64
    • Highway lighting
    • On-street parking will be changed from diagonal to parallel
    • Tree's will be planted in the additional boulevard spacing, although that won't take place during the project. They will be planted in 2024.


  • Franklin Ave to east of Scherer Ave
    • Resurfacing

Why reconstruct the corridor

  • Road width
    • The road is very wide in Akeley, in fact too wide, so there will be a width reduction of about 30 feet. What we find with roads that are too wide is that drivers typically drive faster than the posted speeds. So reducing the width will provide natural traffic calming, which will help reduce motorist speeds through town. Additionally it also requires more time, effort, and funding for things like maintenance, plowing, and construction. This reconstruction project will help get motorists to drive slower through town, reduce costs, increase maintenance efficiencies, and increase safety for pedestrians and bicyclists.
  • Boulevards
    • Reducing the pavement width also allows for the inclusion of boulevard spacing, which will move the sidewalks away from the driving surface, and increase safety for pedestrians and bicyclists. In the two blocks between Hulet Ave and Marie Ave/Hwy 64, the boulevards will include colored, decorative concrete. The rest will be grass.
  • Hwy 34/Hwy 64 intersection
    • Reducing the pavement width allows for an adjustment to the curb corners and turning radius for vehicles. It will make it easier for vehicles to turn more predictably and improve sightlines for drivers, which will improve safety. The project won't really change anything with the configuration, so motorists will use it the same. It just makes some adjustments to where the corners are.

Traffic impacts

Detour map showing the construction staging. Highway 64 and County 25 will be used as the detour for all three stages.
The project will be constructed in three stages

The project will be constructed in 3 stages, with each using Hwy 64 and County 25 as a detour route

  • Stage 1- Pleasant Ave to Franklin Ave (estimated 4-5 weeks)
  • Stage 2- Pleasant Ave to Graceson Ave (estimated 5-6 weeks)
  • Stage 3- Graceson Ave to Hillside Ave (estimated 5-6 weeks)


  • The resurfacing portion east of Franklin Ave (out past Scherer Ave) will also take place during stage 1
  • The tree's that will be planted in the boulevard within the urban section will take place seperately in 2024