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Hwy 89


About the project

Map showing project area
Project study area on Highway 89 in Roseau

MnDOT is planning to reconstruct Hwy 89 between Hwy 11 and south of Seventh St in Roseau. The project is still in the study phase and plans for construction looks to be between 2025 and 2028. As MnDOT works towards the final design and estimated costs, a construction year will be selected.

Current conditions

The project aims to provide an urban curb and gutter section similar to Hwy 11. It will also address several deficiencies, including:

  • Motorist safety
  • Bicyclist and Pedestrian safety
  • Intersection alignment and control
  • Roadside drainage
  • Nighttime visibility
  • Pedestrian crossings and accessibility
  • Access location efficiency

This project is separate from the 20-mile improvement project on Hwy 11 between Roseau and Warroad in 2024, and a 1-mile resurfacing and bridge improvement project on Hwy 11 to the east of Roseau in 2025.

Corridor study

draft concept drawing of how the highway 89 corridor could look with changes
This draft layout shows how the corridor could look. The final design will be adjusted as the study progresses.

The draft layout designed during the corridor study includes a roundabout at Center St and Sixth St SW. They would improve safety at the intersections and reduce motorist speeds on the corridor.

Draft layout benefits

  • Traffic calming and natural speed reduction for traffic
  • Improved motorist and pedestrian safety
  • Improved pedestrian accessibility
  • Drainage improvements to eliminate standing stormwater
  • Removal of ditches provides beautification and improved maintenance of the roadsides
  • Improved roadside aesthetics entering from the south end of town
  • Maintenance of the roadsides
  • Street lighting will improve safety and comfort of pedestrians and vehicles
  • Improved access and operations of the multi-use trail on the west side of the highway
  • Improved land use, maintenance efficiency, and aesthetics
  • Improvements of highway frontage greenspace
  • Improved comfort to drivers accessing Hwy 89 from side streets and private approaches due to flatter inclines