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Hwy 25—Buffalo

Wright County

2024 projects in Buffalo

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Hwy 25 roundabout—north of Hwy 55

Wright County project

Hwy 25 work map in Buffalo
Wright County to construct a roundabout at Hwy 25 and Co. Rd. 83/35th St. NE in 2024. Click on map for larger image

Construct a new single-lane roundabout at Hwy 25 and Co. Rd. 83 (35th St. NE) in Buffalo. The estimated $1.7 million project includes pedestrian walks and approaches. 2024 project requires detour.

Impacts, schedule

Mid-August to late September

The intersection will close at Hwy 25 and Co. Rd. 83 in north Buffalo, Wright County.

Through traffic

  • Hwy 25 will close and detour between Wright Co. Rd. 37 south of Monticello, and Hwy 55 in Buffalo.
    • Hwy 25 detour: Co. Rd. 37 near Monticello, Co. Rd. 12 to Hwy 55 Buffalo (adds 1.2 miles to trip)

Local traffic

  • Hwy 25 will be open and maintained; however, expect a hard closure at the Co. Rd. 83 (35th St. NE) intersection between 3rd Ave. NE and Westridge Ct. (West Pulaski Park entrance)
  • Co. Rd. 83 (35th St. NE) will be closed east of Braddock Ave. NE to Hwy 25
  • Watch for trucks entering and exiting the intersection work zone


  • Wright County Engineer Chad Hausmann at chad.hausmann@co.wright.mn.us

Information is subject to change

Hwy 25—south of Hwy 55

City of Buffalo project

Reconstruct Hwy 25 from First St. S to the curve north of Settlers Pkwy. in 2023-2024. The $10.8 million project includes updates to city utilities, pedestrian sidewalks and approaches. Visit the city of Buffalo website for more details.

Impacts, schedule

  • Construct until late summer 2024: The city will close Hwy 25 between Co. Rd. 12 and Settlers Pkwy. April 1 through mid-July. Any remaining work will be completed under traffic by late summer.
    • Hwy 25 detour: Co. Rd. 12 and Hwy 12 Montrose
      • Local traffic to use Settlers Pkwy, Hwy 55 and Second St. S
  • Construct 2023: Complete

Summary of work

Hwy 25 work map in Buffalo
Reconstruct Hwy 25 between First St. S and Settlers Pkwy. in Buffalo. Click on map larger image
  • Reconstruct Hwy 25 from First St. S to north of Settlers Pkwy.
  • Install a continuous center left turn lane to improve access
  • Replace underground utilities—water main, sanitary sewer and storm sewer
  • Install sidewalk (8 ft. wide) along the east side of Hwy 25 south of Montrose Blvd. and along the west side north of Montrose Blvd.
  • Install bicycle lane and shoulder (6 ft. wide) along both sides of Hwy 25 south of Second St. S
  • Remove parking along both sides, except on the west side of Sturges Park, to expand the community commons area and open space along Buffalo lake between First St. S and Second St. S