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Hwy 43 Repaving

Fillmore County



In 2022, MnDOT will repave and replace culverts on Hwy 43 from Rushford to Mabel. This project was a flex project, meaning construction could have begun as early as 2022 or move to 2023. Recently, the funding was secured and this project will now be constructed during the summer of 2022.

About this project

Hwy 43 construction and detour map
Highway 43 Repaving Project and Detour Map

Summary of work

  • Repave 22 miles of Hwy 43
  • Stabilize three areas of eroding slopes and shoulders
  • Replace all guardrail
  • Replace 11 centerline drainage pipes
  • Repair 55 centerline drainage pipes

Traffic impact

The replacement of culverts and pipes includes excavation of the road, requiring a detour. Two detours will be used during this project.

The section A detour will be used to direct travelers around Hwy 43 when section A is under construction. Once section A opens to traffic, then construction will begin on section B. The section B detour will route travelers around section B. When the pipe work is finished and the detours are lifted, delays may still be possible while the crews repave the roadway.

Individuals, businesses, and first responders will have the ability to reach their destinations. The culverts will be replaced in an order that allows access, however, individuals may be directed to access or exit a property from a single direction.

More details will be determined as construction nears and a contractor is selected. Questions or comments can be sent to the project management team through the contacts tab.

Frequently asked questions

Will I be able to get to my home/property or business?

Yes. Homeowners, property owners, farmers, businesses, and those with a destination along the project will have access. Emergency response will also be coordinated with first responders. Depending on the day's work, individuals may be directed by construction workers to access a property from a different direction. A member of the contractor's team will also be available by phone and email for questions about access.

Will this fix the erosion along the hillsides and near the roadway?

MnDOT has identified three areas where work will be done to stabilize the slopes and maximize the roadway width as much as possible. This section of Hwy 43 is an extremely rugged area and poses many engineering challenges, especially in balancing the needs of the highway and impacting private property.

Will this remove some of the sharp corners and create more shoulder space?

No. This project is a pavement preservation project, so there is not enough funding to change the geometrics or remove sharp curves. However, MnDOT will repair several locations where the shoulder/road needs repair or reinforcing adjacent to ravines. Work will improve and stabilize the shoulders, and where there is width available, increase usable shoulder widths of 2 to 4 feet. Due to the steep slopes, there will still be areas where the roadway shoulder width will be minimal and the guardrail will be near the edge of the 12-foot travel lane. All guardrail will be replaced.

How will I stay informed about the start date and construction?

Updates about the project timeline, construction, and more will be sent through the project email/text message updates. Public Engagement Coordinator, Cindy Morgan, can also provide assistance and can be reached at 507-951-6593 or cindy.morgan@state.mn.us.