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I-35 Faribault resurfacing

Rice County

About this project

Public meeting

Thank you to everyone who attended either the virtual meeting on Monday, Sept. 12 or the in-person meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 14.

People who were not able to attend are encouraged to reach out to the project management team with their questions or comments.

MnDOT invites and encourages participation by all. If you need an ASL, a foreign language interpreter, or other reasonable accommodation, or need documents in an alternative format (such as braille or large print), please email your request to Janet Miller at ADArequest.dot@state.mn.us or call 651-366-4720.

Summary of work

I-35 project area map
I-35 project area

This project will extend the life of I-35 and create a smoother ride for motorists from near Rice Co. Rd. 48 to Hwy 21. It will also improve ramps, and bridges, and replace a traffic signal and lighting.

The main goal of the project is to resurface I-35 which will extend the life of the roadway and make it a smoother ride. The team has chosen a technique called an unbonded overlay. This can cause as much as a 9 inch difference in height which will not match up to the existing roadway. To adjust for the difference, short sections of the road will be removed and rebuilt.

The team will also address crashes and acceleration/deceleration issues by adjusting ramps. A bridge will get some replacement parts to help it last longer. A traffic signal and lighting replacement will also happen. Construction will take 2 years to complete.

Resurfacing I-35

  • Resurface I-35 from near Rice Co. Rd. 48 to Hwy 21
  • Some portions of the roadway will be removed and/or regraded

Work at Rice Co. Rd. 48

  • Repair southbound Rice Co. Rd. 48 bridge over I-35
  • Resurface Rice Co. Rd. 48 onramp to southbound I-35 and acceleration lane

Work at Hwy 60

  • Repair southbound bridge over Hwy 60
  • Change the southbound I-35 off ramp to allow for better deceleration and reduce run-off-the-road crashes
  • Alter the northbound I-35 off ramp and remove the eastbound leg of ramp. All traffic will come to a stop at the end of the off ramp and continue to their destination
  • Change the northbound I-35 on ramp to improve acceleration and merging onto I-35

Work at Hwy 21

  • Resurface and repair portions of the northbound I-35 on ramp
  • Extend northbound I-35 acceleration lane to better accommodate merging truck traffic

Guardrail and lighting

  • Replace all guardrail
  • Remove and reinstall cable median barrier
  • Replace all light poles

Traffic signals

  • Replacing traffic signal at Hwy 60 and 30th Ave. NW
  • Three other traffic signals will be replaced in 2024 as part of a different MnDOT project. Additional information can be found on the project website

Traffic impacts

At times, traffic will be reduced to one lane of traffic and shifted to one side of the freeway. Ramps will occasionally be closed. Two of the three ramps into Faribault may be under construction at the same time.

Traffic changes, such as ramp closures, will be communicated in advance through the project email/text update list. Individuals and businesses are encouraged to sign up.

Traffic impacts 2023

I-35 project description of Phase 1 and 2
I-35 project, Phase 1 and 2
  • Traffic is reduced to a single lane in each direction
  • Southbound traffic is shifted onto the northbound side of I-35 while crews complete work at the bridge at Rice Co. Rd. 48
  • One lane available in each direction

Traffic impacts 2024

I-35 project description of Phase 3 and 4
I-35 project, Phase 3 and 4
  • Northbound traffic is shifted onto the southbound side of I-35
  • One lane available in each direction
  • Southbound traffic is shifted onto the northbound side of I-35
  • One lane available in each direction