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Hwy 169 - Hwy 22 - Hwy 99 Intersections

St. Peter

Project overview

A project is planned in 2023 to improve the pavement condition, intersection safety, and mobility along the Hwy 169 corridor on the south side of St. Peter, including the intersections with Hwy 22 and Hwy 99. With input from the city of St. Peter, local residents and businesses, and other project stakeholders, MnDOT evaluated the corridor, developed design alternatives, and arrived at a preliminary layout for a 2023 construction project.

The final layout can be viewed here: Hwy 169/Hwy 22/Hwy 99 layout (June 2021)

Public Involvement

Public input is an integral part of the Hwy 169-Hwy 22-Hwy 99 intersection project. Over the Winter of 2019-20, the community had opportunities to provide feedback and give input on the corridor as well as the design alternatives.

Combining data from a traffic analysis of the corridor along with public input, MnDOT arrived at Concept D, which is a dual left turn at the intersection of Hwy 169/Hwy 22 and a Restricted Crossing U-Turn (RCUT, also known as a J-Turn) at the intersection of Hwy 169/Hwy 99. A brief presentation of this chosen concept can be viewed here: concept presentation with transcript