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Hwy 169 St. Peter

Broadway Avenue to Union Street

About this project

A significant pavement fix is planned on Hwy 169 from Broadway Ave. to Union St. (approximately half of a mile). In addition to replacing the pavement, the roadway will be reconfigured so the shoulders, turn lanes, and median widths match other sections of Hwy 169 through St. Peter (similar to the segment by Minnesota Square Park). This reconfiguration will provide better traffic flow and safer highway access.

Hwy 169 Broadway Ave to Union St project location

Hwy 169 Broadway Ave. to Union St. project location

Existing cross section current roadway configuration

Existing cross section (current roadway configuration)

Future cross section mid block configuration

Future cross section (mid-block configuration)


  • Improved pavement, smoother road surface
  • Improved safety through:
    • Potential turn lane additions and access modifications
    • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) sidewalk and pedestrian upgrades
  • Updated storm sewers