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Hwy 93


About the project

Flooding in the Minnesota River Valley has created maintenance and mobility challenges for the local community and MnDOT for decades. After completing a Flood Feasibility Study in 2017 and securing funding through a bonding bill in 2020, Hwy 93 will be raised approximately eight feet, putting it one foot above historic high-water events.

Summary of work

  • Resurface 3.6 miles of Hwy 93 from Hwy 169 to the City of Henderson flood wall
  • Significant hydraulics reviews and studies have been incorporated on the Rush River and Minnesota River watersheds to ensure no additional flooding during highwater flood events
  • Raise the roadway up to eight feet
  • Draft layout - March 2021 (two pdfs)


  • Improve the pavement for a smoother roadway
  • Provide a safe and accessible 10-ton route in and out of Henderson during highwater events