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Management of Used Electronic Parts

This guidance document is prepared by MnDOT personnel and is intended only for use on MnDOT projects, including partnership projects, and MnDOT Maintenance Operations.

MnDOT has prepared this guidance document to provide its internal procedures and requirements for work performed on MnDOT rights of way, including MnDOT-owned facilities.

This document should not be construed as a full description of all regulations pertaining to the subject matter. Contact the Regulated Materials Unit in the MnDOT Office of Environmental Stewardship for additional information or legal requirements.

Management of Used Electronic Parts

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency regulates waste electronics. Examples of waste electronic parts includes the following: LED Bulbs, computers, TV’s, Cell Phones, etc.

MnDOT facilities that generate this waste are responsible for proper storage, record keeping, transportation, and containment. MnDOT currently recycles all of these items.

License Requirements

  • No hazardous waste license or license fees are required.

Options for Beneficial Reuse

  • Surplus or trade in through the Fleet and Surplus Service, Department of Administration.
  • Transport directly to a MnDOT approved recycling facility.
  • Use the MnDOT Hazardous Waste Contractor for recycling. Go to MnDOT approved facilities then click on MnDOT approved list of waste contractors (eDOC) link.


  • Store waste electronic parts in containers sufficient to contain the waste (e.g. a sturdy cardboard box).
  • Label container to identify type of waste electronic part, such as, “Computers for Recycling” or “Computer Parts for Recycling”.
  • Keep container in a designated storage location, out of the outside elements.
  • Inspect regularly for inadequate packaging, rips, spillage, etc. Documentation of inspections is not required.

Transport and record keeping

  • No reporting requirements to the MPCA are required outside the Metro area. However, records must be kept on quantities generated and shipping papers that document where the waste was recycled or disposed of.
  • Can transport in MnDOT vehicles.
  • Follow waste handling guidance.